2016-09-27. AM 02:07
[Notice] 2016 PEN.UP Exhibition : Draw with Galaxy Note

2016 PEN.UP Exhibition : Draw with Galaxy Note

We invite you to PEN.UP Exhibition which will be held to commemorate its 3rd anniversary.

PEN.UP has turned 3 years old already.
With its 2.2 million users and more than 800,000 works, it has a lot of memories.

We decided to hold an exhibition to share the fantastic works created with Galaxy Note device, not only on mobile but also offline with more people.

This exhibition will be held at Samsung d’light which boasts of its various kinds of things to see and experience, and it will comprises of three parts - yesterday, today and tomorrow of PEN.UP - so that you can see the PEN.UP at a glance.

During the exhibition, there will be an event program in the afternoon on October 15.
Please expect to see the announcement!

- Period : 2016, October 1(Sat) ~ October 22(Sat)
- Venue : Samsung d’light 1F, Exhibition Hall (Gangnam Station, line 2, exit 2)

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