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[Review] Challenge of August

Hi, PEN.ple!

Thank you so much for participating in Sports Drawing Challenge which was run with the heat of the global festival, the Olympics.

Through that Challenge, we could see not only the dynamic figures but also a variety of sports besides the Olympic sports.

So, we want to present a tumbler that has their work on it to 7 people who drew wonderful pictures at this Challenge.

Please send a congratulatory message to the 7 people below!

I Didn't Choose You....My Heart Did / @pure

@pure drew a running figure in three dimensions.
The runner is full of details to the point of showing strong muscles which suggests that she has tried very hard.

To see the moment that the runner is floating in the air buoyantly, I also feel like exercising in a sweat.

Taekwondo / @BacGyver

@BacGyver drew a scene of sparring in Taekwondo, Korea’s indigenous sport.

Even though it’s a picture of sport, it gives a sense of stillness due to the beautiful sunset in its background.
This work makes us realize how beautiful man’s movements are.

boxing at it's best "Rumble in the Jungle" / @Elmoghira

Boxing is a sport that you use only your fists wearing gloves in both hands.
You can feel the heavy weight of a strong fist in this sport.

However, in @Elmoghira’s work, the color and movement flowing from fists look light and beautiful.
They look as though they are dancing, don’t they?

Freedaving / @RastSar

@RastSar’s work depicted splendidly a person who is swimming leisurely after diving into the deep ocean.

The sea is depicted so natural that it looks as if the real sea is spread out in front of my eyes.

show jumping / @EmS

@EmS’ drew a horse and a rider that are leaping over an obstacle.
Horse riding exercises the whole body, using muscles and joints, thus has high effects of exercise!

While most exercises are fighting against ourselves, Horse riding centers around interaction with an animal.

Get Set Go..... / @bhargavi

@bhargavi drew track and field event which is considered the centerpiece of the Olympics.
Geometric patterns and the lights that look like the finish lines appear to be cheering for the athletes.

Powerful running of the athletes who are competing in good faith look beautiful.

motocross / @Ali-Nakhaei

@Ali-Nakhaei’s work unfolds a charming spectacle seen from a stop-by spot.

Taking an adequate rest is as important as playing sports As if representing the rest in heart found in a good rest, the sunset looks very calm.

Thus, 7 people are chosen. Congratulations!

- @pure
- @BacGyver
- @Elmoghira
- @RastSar
- @EmS
- @bhargavi
- @Ali-Nakhaei

Seeing many people’s cheering for the athletes through their drawings as well as a variety of sports made me feel as if the Olympic is held also in PEN.UP. And it made August a lively and happy month.

I hope many of you will participate in Wallpaper Challenge as well, and thanks again to everybody who participated in the Challenge.

For those who have become the winners, please send below information to us.
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Address : penup.mgr@gmail.com

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You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the prize.
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