2016-09-22. AM 04:49
[Challenge 9] Draw Wallpaper!

Hi, PEN.ple!
How's it going with drawing your own wallpaper?

At the moment, Challenge Space of PEN.UP is becoming full of creative drawings day after day.
Each and every drawing of our PEN.ple members is very precious and much appreciated. :)

There are as many good works as many drawings.
I'd like to share a few with our PEN.ple members.

Black panther / @Elmoghira
black*Chuseok,추석 Korean Thanksgiving Day / @kinz
I Love this Blue Summer / @CALLINA

Quite a few people drew pictures of people.
Artist @Elmoghira, who had been chosen as HOF, drew Black Panther in detail, using his own drawing style.

Artist @kinz drew Korean traditional dress, Hanbok
characterfully, using black and red colors.

Artist @CALLINA posted a unique woman character drawn with distinctive colors.
She might be startled to see her intense gaze when switching on her smartphone.

circle of life / @trishashah
untitled / @farasymoor1
Way to Dream House / @gregzabaryllo

There are not only drawings of people, as I mentioned above, but also drawings of dreamlike ambience.
The water as well as the fish swimming in It, drawn by Artist @trishashah, looks dreamlike.

Artist @farasymoor1 drew a girl holding a flower.
Facial expression of the girl smelling the flower is calm.
However, shape of the flower on her head demonstrates such a strong image.

Lastly, Artist @gregzabaryllo's drawing background reminds me of the fairy tale, Peter Pan.
I feel like making it my own hideout.

It doesn't matter which subject matter you choose, whether it's a picture of your loved one or a place of your dream.

Please show your unique wallpaper to many PEN.ple!
We are looking forward to seeing new works which we can relate to and discuss.

Challenge of September is not finished yet.
Please show your wallpapers. :)

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