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[Interview] HOF of September 2016 @vlad

[Interview] HOF of September 2016 @vlad

Hello, PEN.Ples.

We have an interview with our HOF of September.
We’ve introduced @vlad, the HOF of September, through our last notice.

He has drawn much attention with his powerful brush touches and unique pieces.
In addition, he is presenting much joy to us with various drawing styles and topics.

Actually, we had many difficulties in preparing this interview.
That’s because there were not many hints available on him unlike other artists. T-T

But, watching his drawings that @vlad posts every day, we were able to get to know about him a little by little.

Now, our interview with @vlad begins here.

Q1. @PEN.UP :
Hello, we are from PEN.UP.
Congratulations on becoming the HOF of September.

We usually prepare a lot of things while selecting HOF.
But for your case, we had some hassle because there was not much information available. T^T

A. @vlad :
Hello, PEN.UP!
My name is Vladimir Krupnik.

I am very thankful to you for your nomination and for the appraisal of my artwork.
Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am 52 years old and I live in Russia and Israel.
I don’t have classical art training.

Q2. @PEN.UP :
We’ve mentioned this in the HOF announcement and previously in this text, We believe that your most unique characteristic is rough but dauntless brush touches.

A. @vlad :
I like working with rough brushes (maybe because of my character), but I also like the way others use softer and gentle brushes.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
You come up with drawings of diverse genres.
Your style is not fixed, rather it comes with diversity.

Is there any reason you draw with different styles?

A. @vlad :
I don’t have any specific style in which I am working.
I often switch my style depending on the nature of the artwork.

For me style is not a goal, it’s a tool.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
Your recent pieces present women of the similar mood.
Do you have a particular model?

A. @vlad :
I don’t have a female model before me.
All of the artworks that I’ve made are products of my imagination.

Q5. @PEN.UP :
You always show very new style drawings by making different challenges and attempts.
Your drawings have no description.

Some drawings seem to be total creative out of your brain.
What was your intention behind such creative drawings?

A. @vlad :
To put it simple, my artworks are an expression of color, lighting, and composition.

There are a few conceptual works, but they are just a few and they are all signed.
I can give further information for individual pieces.

Although the explanation is often much easier to understand the works, sometimes disturbing thoughts.

Q6. @PEN.UP :
The drawings below were your recent pieces.
You’ve used thick brushes and black & white colors for magnificent drawings.

Is there any reason you choose to draw in this style?

A. @vlad :
My last artworks are black and white in order for them to have a greater range of expressiveness, motion and plastics.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
We’ve seen some of the first drawings you’ve uploaded just after joining PEN.UP.
They had different mood from the recent ones.

With these drawings as a start, you are posting many pieces.
And, we are very grateful about that.

Do you feel that your initial drawings are different from the recent ones?

A. @vlad :
The last paintings differ from the first with because I didn’t use any materials to assist me. I draw only with my imagination.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
We feel that we have asked you too much about your drawing style.

It’s maybe because there were no titles or descriptions in all the drawings.
Thank you for your work!

Is there any comments you want to make to PEN.UP?
Lastly, please leave a message for your fans ^^

A. @vlad :
A big thank you to all of you who support me!
I wish the best to all of you!

The interview with @vlad came to an end.

You’ve probably got answers to many of questions you had about the artist.
Unlike other cases, we’ve talked quite much about the art pieces.

We would like to thank the artists again for his time for the interview.
It’s now September of clear sky and cool breeze.
We are in the border between summer and winter.

Are you having fun?
PEN.UP team is spending quite fun day these days.

We will tell you soon what joy we are about to bring to you!
Just hang on there!

Let’s all have a good day!
Don’t forget to leave a congratulatory message to @vlad, our HOF of the month!

Thank you.

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