2016-09-01. AM 02:00
[Challenge 9] Let’s draw wallpaper

Hello, PEN.ple!^^
What is on your mobile phone screen at the moment?

It may be your drawing,
the picture of your loved ones, or even illustration of some particular patterns or design.

We are curious to know about your screens!

The theme of September challenge is drawing the wallpaper!

In the last notice,
we’ve told you about the Samsung theme wallpaper service and how it is connected to PEN.UP.

Through this link with Samsung Theme,
PEN.ples’ cool drawings will be exposed to more people.

Good friend / @hosio
lady / @dongdongkim

In order to produce the wallpaper,
you may need to take into account of many design elements including the proposition, color and background that can go along well with the size of the screen.

We do not have specific size guideline for this challenge, but we recommend 1080x1920.
That is because 1080x1920 size is a must to sync with Samsung Theme’s wallpaper service.

Wouldn’t it better to set the size as above since you may have some chances to have your drawings on the service?

Also, use some of the wallpapers drawn by PEN.ple by using the PEN.UP feature.

If you go into [settings – set artwork as wallpapers],
you can select 100 drawings at most for your wallpaper without having to save the drawings.

You can feel great joy with the background wallpaper that would change every hour and everyday.

In addition to that,
the 7 winners of this month's challenge will receive a custom-made smartphone case as a present.

It would really feel great if my own drawing is set on the screen of one’s mobile phone.
Since this month’s challenge does not have specific theme like the goods production challenge in June, any theme will work.

Please show your own wallpaper without limitations!

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