2016-08-29. AM 09:28
[Notice] PC Version Update !!
Hello, PEN.ple!

Do you remember the first time you met PEN.UP?
Perhaps it was when you first used Galaxy Note.

PEN.UP, which began its service upon the launch of Galaxy Note3, is now accessible with desktop PC.

Now, you can not only see the art pieces on display, but you can also upload via the webpage.

You will see the screen below when you visit
http://penup.com via PC.

If you use the previously existing account,
You can upload your drawings to PEN.UP via your PC.

You know well that PEN.UP is a community that lets you interact with another with the creative drawings you’ve drawn, right?

Don’t forget to add the tag and description of the drawing when you upload them.

We will look forward to more of your drawings!
Please use the PEN.UP PC version as well!

Thank you.

PEN.UP - Share your drawings!
http://www.penup.com-The PEN.UP Team