2016-08-26. AM 05:36
[Notice] New version of PEN.UP has been installed on Galaxy Note 7
Hello, PEN.ple!
A new PEN.UP version has been installed on Galaxy Note 7, which has been newly released.

Firstly, we will give you some information on the new 2.2.0 version.

* The list of 2.2.0 Update

- Home menu added
- Improvement of design and UI
- Top button added
- Category menu added
- Interworking with Samsung Themes
- Improved function of drawing comments

Previously, PEN.UP didn’t have the home menu as a separate function.
MY FEED was assuming the function of the HOME menu.

But now a proper HOME menu has been added.
You can access popular works, artists, and recommendations.

Moreover, the banners indicate the current events, which is much more convenient than before.

With the HOME menu, PEN.UP will be able to provide more varied contents.

The overall design and UI have been improved, and the top button has been added.

So PEN.Ple can enjoy the more organized appearance and more convenience.
We hope you like it.

In addition, the Category menu has more divisions.

You can assign a Category to your work so that you can sort your works more easily While looking at other PEN.Ple’s work of the same theme as yours, you can expand your own world of art.

The existing drawing comment function has been a little bit changed.

You could only use colored pencil before.
For 2.2.0 version, the highlighter pen and eraser tool have been introduced.

So, we are looking forward to more interesting drawing comments. :-)

Lastly, the most important thing in this update is the interworking system with Samsung Themes.

PEN.UP meets Samsung Themes to present new contents to PEN.ple :)

We’ve told you about the Samsung Themes sync system before.
Please refer to the notice for details.

The official update of PEN.UP will be in the 2.3.0 version.
It will be just too sad if we could only meet the 2.2.0 version with new functions on Galaxy Note 7, right?

So, we would like to reveal some news to PEN.ple only!
You can download the beta version through the link below.

The download is available for those devices of Android 4.1 or up.
There may be some errors, and we would like your understanding if any occurs.

* Download 2.2.0 version >> http://goo.gl/GSWId0

As a new device will be introduced, PEN.UP will do the best to offer better service to PEN.ple.

Thank you. :D

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