2016-08-24. AM 05:49
[Challenge 8] Draw sports!

In summer of 2016, many people’s eyes and ears were centered on Rio Olympics held in Brazil.

Everyone acclaimed the medalists, regardless of the medal colors; large applauses and cheers were heard.
Solace went to those who failed to win the medals with much encouragement.

Following this atmosphere, PEN.UP is conducting “Let’s Draw Sports” challenge.
You could see many types of sports in the art pieces drawn by PEN.ple.

You could see many pieces of drawings that feature diverse types of combat sports: boxing, taekwondo, judo, etc.

The combat sports are always hot games in Olympic Games.

Splendid techniques – knocking down, lifting up and pulling – just fascinate the audience.
The drawings also seem very dynamic ☺

There are more various sports aside from the combat sports.

Weight lift held up by the cute penguin,
Swimming that features legendary swimmer
Michael Phelps who will retire after this Olympic Games,
Table tennis that features splendid techniques using small balls And cycling that flows through the air.

Indeed, many sports come as inspirations and impression to people.

On August 22, Rio 2016 Olympics ended in a great success.

People shared happiness and sadness with many athletes of different types of sports during 2 weeks of time.
We will always miss Olympic Games, and surely, we will look for the next Olympic Games.

Yet, our PEN.UP Olympic Games is not over ☺
Please show us your inspirations through art pieces.

Let’s draw Sports !

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