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Challenge of July

Hi! PEN.Ple!
Are you passing the month of July by enjoying the vast nature and breathing clear air?

We are very grateful to all the people who participated in July’s Challenge.
It was a great opportunity to enjoy a leisurely moment while admiring the works on mountains.

Now let’s take a look at the works on mountains created by PEN.ple

Hv You Ever Wondered? Why d Trees is so Green / @pure
montañita / @LISBONAK

The nature we encounter in the mountain is always wonderful.

@pure’s watercolor works look stable and calm.
Like all the feelings the nature including mountains presents, the scenes and the colors look much stronger.

@LISBONAK’ works show a variety of textures which feel light and rhythmic.
The huge tree taking the half of the space in the canvas proves the long time it endured.

Above the clouds / @Nina
Aurora mountain / @hosio

The mysterious scenes which we may experience in some fantasy movies were created by @Nina.

The mountaintop rising to the sky with clouds around it shows the rigor with which it endures over time.

@hosio’s wonderful work renders a fantastic scene where the mountain is surrounded by aurora at night.

Aurora is a mysterious natural phenomenon which people say should be experienced at least once in life.
If it is presented before eyes, that moment would be mind-blowing.

Magic place / @ANGELINA
cat ears&ice cold mountains.....surrealism / @bhargavi

@ANGELINA’s works remind us of the arctic by the composition of snow covered mountains and animals.
We wonder what the four eyes are looking at.

Just like the title of the artist, some magic place will appear, won’t it?

@bhargavi’s work is like a snowy mountain with a feeling of bracing air.

As we notice the word ‘surrealism’ from the title, this work looks extraordinary with the huge cat looking far away.
The man walking precariously on the bridge in the thick fog look smaller more than ever.

Mountains / @Envyous
mountains in the sky / @Aichan0987

A bracing morning mood is presented by @Envyous’s work.

Heralding the beginning of the day, the shining sun and the fluttering birds seem to give us a new energy.
The morning in the scene like this would make our day special.

@Aichan0987 created an imaginary mountain floating in the sky.

Have you ever imagined that there would be an island in some place we don't know.
Mystical fauna and flora would be growing there.

A Blue View / @ShaylahLeigh
Untitled / @M4X

A beautiful green eye looking at the mountain has been created by @ShaylahLeigh.
We are curious about what kind of facial gesture the person would show with the eye in which a huge mountain is rising.

How would it feel to climb to the top of a rocky mountain?
@M4X focuses on creating the people who climb the mountains.

Although we cannot see the face of the man who is on the top of the mountain and looking down the surroundings, we can at least imagine it.

Those scenes of the mountains PEN.ple created
seem to suggest various types of flows of time.

From not only the changes of the seasons to even the minute flow of time at dawn and in the early morning, the mountains present different appearances and feelings over time.

Again we are grateful to those who participated in the challenge.
And we hope more of you will participate in the sports challenge.

Thank you.

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