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[Interview] HOF of August 2016 @NanNi

[Interview] HOF of August 2016 @NanNi

Hi, PEN.ple!

We are here with the HOF interview for August.
As we noted before, the new member of HOF is @NanNi.

From the characteristic works with strong colors to the human figures which look like actors on stages, let’s have a talk about the world of art with the creator NanNi.

We hope that through this interview, PEN.ple would have an opportunity of learning her ideas about art and establish more wonderful goals in drawing life.

Now let's get started. :)
The August HOF, artist @NanNi.

Q1. @PEN.UP :
Hi, @NanNi. We finally met.

Every time we saw your works, which are really enamoring, we got curious who could be the creator of all these works.

First of all, would you introduce yourself briefly?

A. @NanNi :
Hi! I am a female painter, “NanNi.”
I am really happy to greet you.

Q2. @PEN.UP :
Now, let’s talk about you and your works.

Since long ago, we PEN.UP team have had an eye on you.
(But not in a stalker’s way!)

We had desired to have an interview with you, which has realized earlier than expected.

Your works look quite professional, so they cannot possibly be considered to be some results of a hobby.

Is your occupation something related to drawing?

A. @NanNi :
I majored in Western Painting.

Right until some time ago, I was working for a company while painting as a hobby, but now I am a freelancer.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
We can see something in common in your works.
One of them is “using patterns.”

And there are many works which utilize décalcomanie.
What are the reasons you create the works like these?

A. @NanNi :
I am the kind of person who never leaves any empty space as it is.
So my paintings tend to become patterns, and vice versa.

The décalcomanie work also resulted from the process of thinking of a way of removing the empty space.

While trying various ways, I said “this is good.” And it was done.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
Personally, as I mentioned in the first notice, the feelings of human figures mingled with the background are really wonderful. They are mystic as well as exciting. On the other hand, those with the strong contrast of black and white look stylish. The concepts of the works are really wonderful.

A. @NanNi :
Personally I prefer those paintings which are simply considered ‘cute’ or ‘covetable’ rather than those which present profound meanings or hard to understand.

It is a purely personal preference, but thank you for your attention anyway.

Q5. @PEN.UP :
From the clothes and accessories the human figures in the works are wearing, I guess you are quite interested in fashion and accessories.

Besides the facial expressions and gestures of the figures, those fashion items give us another pleasure.

Are you particularly interested in these areas?

A. @NanNi :
Once I had a dream of becoming a fashion designer.

That dream has had a huge influence on me.
As always, I will draw bags, shoes, and cosmetics in my paintings.

Would most women like these items? :D

Q6. @PEN.UP :
Over 90% of the figures you draw is female.
At a first glance, I thought all of them were female, but there are some male figures. :)

Is there any particular reason you prefer female figures?

While those female characters with fashionable clothes look wonderful, male figures could also be wonderful in the similar way.

A. @NanNi :
That’s right.
Women are too many even to me.

But I think I have more to show when I create female characters.
For example, makeup and accessories are easier to render for women.

I will continue to stick to this preference.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
The work below is one of the most impressive works of yours to me.

The way you render those two pairs of feet of a man and a woman standing towards each other and their shadows while kissing is so attractive.

These works are really enamoring to me.
Would you give some comments on these works?

A. @NanNi :
I myself as well love this work so much.
The title of this work is “Silhouette of Memory.”

This is not a simple shadow.
It contains a love story.

While thinking of the concepts for this work,
I came up with “the first kiss.”

So I put a couple kissing each other.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
I have searched your early works. :D

Your early works are those which have rough images synthesized with photographs.
These may be the best cases of using Galaxy Note.

While we still miss these works these days, it is wonderful that you have set up with another style.

How did you meet the mobile art in the first place?

A. @NanNi :
It is PEN.UP!
PEN.UP means so much to me.

Photograph compound works are just some experiments I tried in the early period.

They may look good to some, but to me they are not so satisfactory.
With more practice, I will try other compound works.

Q9. @PEN.UP :
It’s been already 3 years since you participated in PEN.UP and uploaded the first work. Your participation has been quite long, so you may have seen all the changes of PEN.UP. Is there anything you want to see changed in PEN.UP or anything you want or miss from PEN.UP?

A. @NanNi :
Oh! The notice!
It is rather cumbersome to go to the settings to check them.

PEN.book is good, but it would be better to have a function of directly checking messages.

Q10. @PEN.UP :
Besides PEN.UP, you also have many communication channels including the Facebook and a blog.
And they are all filled with your works.

It is really wonderful thing that you are proud of your works and promote yourself with art.

Because we all know that it is not easy to create and share many works and communicate with many people through them.

Is there any particular reasons you manage the Facebook and the blog?

A. @NanNi :
In my own way, I try to present my paintings to the bright world.

But managing the blog is so difficult.

Q11. @PEN.UP :
This may be the last question.
What does drawing mean to you?

I think there must be some special reasons other than just for uploading to SNS.

A. @NanNi :
At the very moment I draw, at least at that moment I feel happy.

To put it rather seriously, I feel I am really alive.

Thank you for your time.
If any, would you leave some message to PEN.Ple?

A. @NanNi :
Thanks for your attention to my scattergun interview. :-)

It is a really great honor that my humble works are accepted into HOF.
I promise I will create more of those healing works, covetable works.

I look forward to more of your love and attention.

So we talked about the world of art by the artist @NanNi.
What did you think, PEN.Ple?

It must be an opportunity of communicating with others and finding ourselves in the process rather than just satisfied with finished works.
(So, It is necessary to check the PEN.UP notice. Dear PEN.Ple :D)

It’s already August. The hot summer still rages, but the month August is the vacation season as well.

How are you spending the time of August?
In some mountain? or on some beach? Where are you spending your vacation?

While it is important to have some pleasant moments, it is also important to wrap up the vacation without any injuries or accidents.

We hope all of you spend wonderful vacation time.

And don’t forget to leave a congratulatory message to @NanNi, the new member of the HOF for August.

Thank you.

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