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[HOF] August 2016 @NanNi, Congratulations!

[HOF] August 2016 @NanNi, Congratulations!

While looking at her works, we get absorbed by their strong color renderings.

One work presents an enamoring overall color effect, and another work has a different attraction which emphasizes a point rather than the entire.

And there is an item which makes those colors more prominent.
That is “human figures.”

The human figures in the pictures have different facial expressions and gestures in many different interesting poses.

It seems that they are actors on stages.

What do you think about the works above?
There may be some who think the same as I do.

Let’s take a look at other works by the artist.
The works with strong colors mentioned above!

While a variety of colors from the pastel tone to the vivid tone are used, every one of the colors looks strong.

What kind of meanings do those facial expressions and gestures of her works have?
PEN.UP team is trying to be closer to the world of art created by the artist NanNi.

Let’s congratulate her.
She is the new member of HOF for August!

And artist NanNi, would you send an email for the HOF interview?
>> penup.mgr@gmail.com

Congratulations again!

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