2016-08-01. AM 01:25
[Challenge 8] Let’s draw sports

Hi! PEN.Ple!

How are you doing in this hot weather?
The theme of August's challenge is “Sports”

There is an old English saying : Fight fire with fire.
A Korean four-letter maxim is “Fight the heat with the heat.”

That means that it could be better to beat the heat by sweating while eating some hot dishes.

pingpong / @ArtKim
Soccer player / @diegochagas

One of the most pleasant and fulfilling ways of sweating is certainly sports, isn't it?

In several days, the world’s biggest sports event is going to be held.

PEN.UP held a challenge in line with 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
So a lot of Penple together cheered with drawings and enjoyed the festival.

Designed by Gabriel. / @Gavriel
Speed up!! / @BacGyver

For this time, we are going to celebrate the festival with theme of “sports.”

You can try drawing any dynamic scenes of enjoying sports or cheering the players.
Freely draw any images of sports.

In August, how about enjoying this summer with drawing in the PEN.UP challenge?

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