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The winners of June challenge!

Hello, PEN.Ples!

We were able to come across diverse types of art pieces for June Challenge where there was no definite topic.

We are glad to see that participants appreciated in presenting the pieces you've wanted to draw.
Also, it was a unique opportunity for us in that the challenge did not just end in drawing.

As said in the earlier notice, the evaluation point was on the harmony between the artwork and the goods production, while following the guidelines.

We had quite hard time selecting the winners due to absence of definite theme; after long contemplation, we've finally chosen 12 artworks.

It will so exciting to see how these will be produced in goods.
Let's go and enjoy!

Bee / @Bpistudio
Insect Nation on the move / @Chuppylim

These bugs are lovely as they are presented in the artwork.

He chose the passport case among the four goods categories given.
We hope that @Bpistudio will always have good trip with the case like the bee that travels around anytime, anywhere.

@Chuppylim who usually presents varied patterned bugs drew a bug in vivid armor this time.
The circle underneath the bug consisted of soil and grass seems to be the earth.

We look forward to the goods that will be produced from this artwork of neat lines and vivid colors.

Happy Ramazan! ♡♡♡♡♡ / @Hani
Designed by Gavriel / @Gavriel

This is @Hani's artwork which is a mystical drawing of a woman that seems to be drinking the moon.

The topic is related to Ramazan, which is the practice of fasting for one month In Islam.
For that reason, this seems to be more sacred.

Our HOF of April, @Gavriel, presented much joy to the PEN.Ples with detailed drawing.
Although there are no colors, the dress that flutters like flowers is very attractive.

@Gavriel's artwork will indeed be produced into a beautiful ecobag.

You and I ♡ part 2 / @greeda
fox in the dawn / @hosio

These are two artworks that will be produced into enthusiastic character goods.

The first is @greeda's artwork which is about the dog and the girl hugging each other; the work presents warm colors.
The point colors and the embrace look all lovely.

@hosio presented two artworks in series.
PEN.UP team selected this fox in unique color.

We can imagine the fox walking in the dawn under the bright colored full moon.

▪Very Hipster▪ / @milaa.
Love / @littleArtist

We are so curious what these two artists will pick for the goods.

These will be some objects that mean special for @milaa., right?
It is an artwork consisted of various objects unrelated to each other; they come in a good harmony under the color theme.

@littleArtist's artwork seems to be an illustration in the children's book we used read in the old days.
The cute little objects and the phrase about love are all fantastic.

Sakura / @hera152
sailor girl / @Zeze

It is @hera152's artwork where it presents beautiful cherry blossoms and smooth touches.
Sakura means cherry blossoms in Japanese; the rosy cheeks and lips are very attractive.

There's an old saying that the young people are so happy that they would laugh at almost anything.
We believe it's this time of the life - the high school years when you were in uniform as shown in @Zeze's artwork.

The lovely expressions on the two girls' faces will be produced into very cute goods.

Party!! / @MarggieTs
giraffe / @Nicachu

@MarggieTs' has drawn a very witty drawing.
I am curious about for whom the Party is for.

Indeed, the main cast is in the middle!
It's a reverse in thinking, right?

This Is @Nicachu's artwork; @Nicachu has drawn beautifully patterned giraffe.
The cute emotions presented by pencil colored illustration makes the giraffe look even lovelier.

So, here are our 12 winners. Congratulations!

- @Bpistudio
- @Chuppylim
- @Hani
- @Gavriel
- @greeda
- @hosio
- @millaa.
- @littleArtist
- @hera152
- @Zeze
- @MarggieTs
- @Nicachu

We have chosen more winners compared to other months due to the fervent participation from PEN.Ples.
We are so happy that we are able to present the one and only goods to the winners.
Much anticipation goes for the artworks that will be produced into goods!

The winners of this challenge will need more communication with us.
We look forward to your prompt reply via e-mail.

We look forward to more interest and participation!
Thank you again to all those who have participated in this challenge.

For those who have become the winners, please send below information to us.
[PEN.UP user name / real name / mailing address / contact number / seleted goods]
Address : penup.mgr@gmail.com

* Information for winners :
Those who have won the event, please check the privacy policy until July 31(Sunday).
Then you should send personal information collection service phrase, as well as personal information (PEN.UP ID, real name, mailing address, contact number).
You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the prize.
Also, the prize can be cancelled if you do not send us an e-mail within the notified period.

* Personal information collection service phrase :
I, hereby, agree to the term on personal information collection service.
I have checked the term on personal information service delegation, and I consent to the delegation of personal information service.

* Purpose of personal information collection and usage :
To check prize winning for PEN.UP April challenge and prize delivery.
* Personal information collection criteria: PEN.UP ID/ Real name/ Address/ Contact number
* Period for retaining personal information and usage: July 15, 2016 – August 31, 2016
* Consignee of personal information and consignment work: Gra-ph Design, event present delivery

* Caution when receiving prizes:
The winning of prize will automatically be cancelled if personal information is not delivered until Sunday, July 31.
In case the winner was not able to receive the prize due to wrong personal information, we cannot resend the prize.
The personal information collected will be discarded within three months after the delivery is completed.
Prizes will be sent out after July 31(Sunday).

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