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[Interview] HOF of July 2016 @trapAsia

[Interview] HOF of July 2016 @trapAsia

The page of @trapAsia is so quiet.
So quiet that you could pass it unknowingly.
But once you see his works, you would be enamoured by his peculiar moods.

Could there really be a place like this?
How can I have these places in my mind?

In a way, they look common.
But the works by @trapAsia have different attractions.

The scenery that we have always been looking at may look the same, but it might as well be an unknown world.

Then let’s take a look into them.

Q1. @PEN.UP :
Hello, we PEN.UP team were expecting an interview with you.
Congratulations again on your becoming a new member of HOF.

How do you feel about that?

A. @trapAsia :
I am so happy!
It was unexpected and it's a surprise for me.

It is great motivating factor to remain associated with PEN.UP.

Q2. @PEN.UP :
I can see that you have uploaded works onto Facebook, and you became a new member of HOF about one year after you participated into PEN.UP.

Would you introduce yourself briefly?

A. @trapAsia :
I am from Ahmedabad, India.
A Telecom engineer working with computer technologies and software development.

Self-taught painter, I have been practicing the art of drawing and painting for many years.
I'm primarily working with oil and watercolor media.

For the last few years I've begun using the digital medium for sketching as well.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
Is there any reason that you took trapAsia as your ID?
I wonder if there are various reasons for that.

A. @trapAsia :
Oh! My surname is Trapasia so I changed it a little to become trapAsia: TRAPped in Asia.

It is just for fun.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
You seem to have created landscapes which would make us want to really see them.

Do those places you draw really exist?

A. @trapAsia :
In the beginning I used to go outdoors, seat on location and sketch with watercolor.
I did this for many years.

But nowadays I do not go outdoors to sketch.
Instead I just observe and then draw on my mobile phone or tablet from memory.

If like the result, I paint it on paper or on canvas.

Q5. @PEN.UP :
Some of your works have impressive rendering of such natural items as mountains, trees, flowers, skies and rocks.

And in some of your works, there appear sometimes a human figure.

Do you have a model? Or Is it just an imaginary figure?

A. @trapAsia :
I started as a portrait painter with oil and moved to figures later on.
Finally, I started painting surrealistic paintings with various objects and human figures rendered in a realistic way.

But in my landscape works, the people are generally imaginary figures coming out of my memory.

Q6. @PEN.UP :
And you sometimes upload real oil painting or photographs rather than digital or mobile art works.

Do you do oil painting often?

A. @trapAsia :
I am primarily an oil painter.

PEN.UP is focusing on digital art so I am uploading only my digital sketches here.

On Facebook I publish digital, oil, and water works.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
As I mentioned before, your page shows a variety of works, but with the same canvas size.

And there are a few works which have a different size of canvas. They are portraits.

Do you draw your acquaintances, or are you asked to draw them?

A. @trapAsia :
All of my works published on PEN.UP are drawn on Note4, and in very small size, 853x479px.

This is a very comfortable size for quick sketching for me.
It takes max 30min to finish.

I use landscape mode for landscape and Portrait mode for Portraits.
But when I repaint on canvas or paper I may draw in larger size.

Most of portraits (as seen here) are some unknown faces which I observed in the street.
I see them and then recollect my memories to sketch them.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
For this interview, I check your Facebook page briefly.

I hope you don’t mind. On that page I found out a new fact that your major is science.
So I wondered how you took up painting in the first place.

What motivated you to draw?

A. @trapAsia :
Yes, I already mentioned that I am an Engineer.

For me, Engineering is to earn for my material needs and practicing art of painting is for my emotional needs.

I was born in a small village surrounded by a deep forest.
This is where I spent my early childhood.
I used to wander in the forest and observe nature very closely.

I had a strong urge to recreate that what I observed but I didn't have the skill to do so.
When I am working my engineering job, I used draw mechanical drawings and I found out that with just some skill I can draw and paint.

I felt that nature is the best teacher so I started copying from nature and works from other great painters in the world.

Q9. @PEN.UP :
One of our strengths, I think, is that you consistently upload works.
Now that it’s one year and 4 months since you participated into PEN.UP, your works amount to 348.

In average, you are uploading one work in a little bit over a day. You must like painting.

Is there any reason why you consistently draw?

A. @trapAsia :
I draw 3 to 4 digital sketches, and a water color painting a day.

When I joined PEN.UP, I saw a good number of works from other artists.
I was getting my work noticed by unknown people and then I decided to publish two sketches per day on PEN.UP.

I would like to thank the people who work at PEN.UP for providing a platform to meet people from across world.

Q10. @PEN.UP :
This is the last question.
Maybe the most important one.

For you, what does painting mean?

A. @trapAsia :
For me, painting is an effort to understand and feel nature and attempt to recreate with my own interpretation of it.

In the process of doing that I feel happy.
Getting appreciated makes me feel even happier!

Q11. @PEN.UP :
Thank you for your interview.
Would you please say a message to PEN.Ple?

A. @trapAsia :
Thanks to PEN.UP and all active members of PEN.UP.
I am constantly learning from the work of all the other follow members.

For me the difference between an amateur and a professional artist is how they earn their food.

Nothing else matters, so don’t label them.
Let us keep it up and try to add a painting per day.


Thank you again.

So the interview with @trapAsia wrapped up.
His works with tranquil mood created by mountains, trees, flowers, skies and rocks presents moments of healing to PEN.UP.

We expect more of your wonderful works.

We are going to pass July of 2016.
How are those resolutions you made early in the year?

If you haven’t keep them, don’t be disappointed.
PEN.UP always support you.

Give a congratulatory message to this month’s member of HOF @trapAsia.

Thank you.

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