2016-07-05. AM 03:44
[Notice] PEN.UP & Urban Sketchers Symposium In Manchester
Hi, PEN.Ple!
This year, as always, PEN.UP supports Urban Sketchers Symposium.

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Last year, Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore was a valuable opportunity for PEN.UP to meet many participants and introduce itself.

This year the 7th Urban Sketchers Symposium is held in Manchester, UK.
As always PEN.UP will participate in this event to promote its service.

The 7th Urban Sketchers Symposium In Manchester

As an opportunity to see those cities of other countries from a different point of view, and to talk freely to those who love paintings, the Urban Sketchers Symposium attracts lots of participants from around the world.

There will be lots of drawing and other lessons, programs, and events to make the event more valuable.

Although its focus is on hand-drawing, communication by drawing doesn’t make any distinction between digital and analogue.

As in Brazil (Paraty) two years ago and in Singapore last year, PEN.UP promotes itself in Manchester this year.

As this is an annual event, this year as well, to make the Urban Sketchers Symposium successful, we hope many of you will support this event.

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