2016-07-04. AM 01:46
[HOF] July 2016 @trapAsia, Congratulations!

[HOF] July 2016 @trapAsia, Congratulations!

This artist has been infusing new air into PEN.UP since February, 2015.
Considering his term since initiation into PEN.UP, he has offered lots of works and continue to progress step by step.

Let’s congratulate @trapAsia, a new member of HOF for July.

His works have the similar moods.
Even the size of the canvases is similar and consistent.

Though sticking to the genre of landscape, the backgrounds and the moods change little by little.

He is little bit different from other members of HOF.
His works look calm but distinctive.

Once you see his works, you would want to visit those places.
Then let’s get into his world.

Please give a congratulatory message to @trapAsia on his winning the membership of HOF.

Your simple message would make the artist happier than anything.

@trapAsia, please send us an email to penup.mgr@gmail.com

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