2016-07-01. AM 01:35
[Challenge 7] Let’s draw mountain

When do you usually climb a mountain?
When you need some exercise? Or when you feel stressed?

On a mountain, we can understand nature, breath in fresh air, make body and mind sound.

There are lots of things on a mountain we can feel, see, and get.
A mountain is a place where we can enjoy many gifts from God.

The Mountain God / @Roarsinart
climb a mountain / @Kdoll25

The theme of this challenge is “Mountain”

You can render mountains seen from a city, wonderful sceneries from a mountain, and any episodes about mountains.

You can create any mountains you want.
Just like a person, a mountain changes as time goes by.

They change their clothes every season.
They offer shelters to animals with their rich flora.

M E X I C O " 2015 / @choreloko

And they also present the beauty of nature to humans.
To avoid hot weather in July, how about going for some cool natural places in a mountain?

While expressing your feelings by drawing.

Now, we would like you to draw the mountains you have seen, felt, and thought. ☺

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