2016-06-23. AM 10:13
[Challenge 6] draw for your own goods!

PEN.UP is somewhat more special in June.
We always announce different topics for art.
But this time we have come up with quite new topic.

It is a small gifts for the PEN.Ples!
It’s about the goods production challenge that makes use of the precious art works the artists have uploaded.

Have you ever thought about your art works being produced on goods?

About how your friends would desire to get unique goods after seeing them?
Or about adding product value to your own art works?

Experience these insights through PEN.UP Challenge!

How about taking part in this challenge based on the skills you’ve perfected and the art pieces you have shown through various challenges?

Show your art works!

As you know, the production of goods is very essential part for this challenge; It's very important to make sure you are following all the guidlines of the challenge.

Also, challenge yourself to get the item available for you!

[Challenge guide]

* We will produce one goods out of four options: passport case, ecobag, pouch, cushion. So if you indicate which of the goods your drawing fits into, it would help us in selecting the winner piece.

* Since it should be printed out, the selection could be difficult in cases where the drawing itself is in low resolution. So increase the resolution level.

* Instead of having a simple portray, an original creative piece with product value would have more benefits.

* Think about the overall design harmony of product with your artwork printed on it.

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