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[HOF] June 2016 @TumMeng_Inthira, Congratulations!

[HOF] June 2016 @TumMeng_Inthira, Congratulations!

I remember myself always writing a drawing diary when young since I felt it easier and more fun to express myself in drawing instead of writing.

It was just like yesterday, but I feel that drawing is no longer that easy. Isn’t it ironical?

But, we have an artist here who uses her cozy looking and cute drawings to express herself, deliver her thoughts and interact with others.

She is our HOF for June!
Congratulations to @TumMeng_Inthira!

When we first saw her drawings, we thought that she expressed the delicate moments in her day.

But, when we read the titles and tags, we noticed that it was not about the small moments.

In particular, we were very surprised when we saw the profile drawing.
The very cute girl in the drawing really assembled the artist.

The attractive points of her drawing are the style that resembles the crayon drawings we used to do on our sketchbook when we were little and the smile-making cute characters.

She uses this character to express what she wants to say in a single drawing.
The in-depth and wide insights become the sources, and these turn into a simple, but an essential key to thoughts.

We really look forward to having an interview with her.^^
PEN.Ples, please write your congratulatory messages to @TumMeng_Inthira.

A note to @TumMeng_Inthira: please send us your e-mail address to our PEN.UP team (penup.mgr@gmail.com) for the interview.

Congratulations again!

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