2016-06-01. AM 02:44
2016. 6월챌린지 – 세상 단 하나뿐인 나만의 굿즈

Hello, PEN.Ples ^^
It’s already our 6th challenge this year.
Time does fly indeed!

We are so happy to see all your fantastic imagination in every challenge we execute.

The PEN.UP team has always contemplating on the themes for the challenge; we always think about what kind of themes would make you have fun while participating in it.

We have been coming up with a particular topic for the theme; this time, we have twisted the theme for a little bit.

Do you remember the calendar challenge for November themed on the birth flowers?

We have given an ecobag to all those 12 winners.
It was even more special gift as it was produced from the drawing of each artist.

Thinking about that special memory, we have come up with the June challenge; it is “Let’s draw for your own goods”.

It can be any drawing.
If you just give us a cool drawing, we will provided you with the exclusive goods for you.
Challenge yourself to get this one and only goods!

Since we are producing a goods out of the drawing, you should read the following guideline carefully.

[Challenge guide]

* We will produce one goods out of four options: passport case, ecobag, pouch, cushion. So if you indicate what goods your drawing fits into, it would help us in selecting the winner piece.

* Since it should be printed out, the selection could be difficult in case the drawing itself is in low resolution. So increase the resolution level.

* Instead of having a simple portray, an original creative piece with product value would have more benefits.

* Think about the overall design harmony in the product.

We are so excited while waiting for the fantastic pieces to come.
After selecting, we will discuss with the artist what kind of goods would best fit the drawing at the final production stage.

You can look forward to it!

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