2016-05-23. AM 02:26
[Challenge 5] draw Sci-Fi!

Let’s get deeper into the Sci-Fi world together!

It seems like PEN.UP exists in another space in May.
Despite the difficulty coming from the Sci-Fi theme, we are seeing great participation from you.

The world that PEN.Ples are imagining is surprising and mysterious.

It is indeed fantastic to imagine and draw the future.
But, looking at the drawings from the PEN.Ples, the improvement in the science is not all about positive things –

Although it may be a mere imagination.
Of course, there are indeed good things as well ☺

@akshat _ human like Cyborg
@danprice _ Challenge! Dr. Biclops and The Void
@TieM _ VEGA Racer2

In particular, there were many drawings on convergence of machinery and humans.
Perhaps, it’s a result of the hero and space related movies.

@Chuppylim _ Alien Puppeteer
@totos851 _ fuga dal pianeta Terra
@casebasket _ Who ARE you? Who are WE?
@bhargavi _ spaceships in India…… exploring temples

Also, there was space that we did not see before at all with the appearance of robots or unidentified creation!

Just by looking at the PEN.Ples’ drawings seems entertaining as if I am looking at the dynamic scenes from the movies or animations.

Please draw your own Sci-Fi world before May passes.
Let’s get deeper into the Sci-Fi world together!

By the way, there will be more chance of getting a gift if you upload the drawings you’ve created on your own ☺

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