2014-06-10. AM 07:56
  • Our categories has been changed.
  • As you know, categories are picked up from tags that you made.
    At PEN.UP, you can easily discover and show off artworks with tagging.

    There are 6 new categories added. Those six are:
    Daily, Fashion, Food, Portrait, Sketch, Sketchbook

    There are lots of good artworks in the new categories.
    Now, introduce the new categories!
  • Daily
  • Wow!! Happy daily life and Interesting ideas are here!! like doodles on our diary


  • Fashion
  • It is like watching a runway!! also, very fancy~


  • Food
  • Do you have your special recipe?? Share it in this tag!


  • Portrait
  • It is very popular to draw other followers' portrait in PEN.UP right now~ Try it!


  • Sketch
  • PEN.UP People draw amazing drawings with simple line. It is very attractive


  • Sketchbook
  • contents created with Sketchbook of Autodesk


    This category is added for promoting of the 'Autodesk design competition'.
    To get more information, Check out '[Notice] Autodesk design competition' or click below link

    click, more details

  • When you tag your artworks with either of the category, it is belongs to the category directly.
    As using tags more and correctly, you can easily find artworks you are interested in and show off your artworks better.

    If you want to know more about 'Tags', please take a look at '[TIP] How to tag' below