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[Interview] HOF of May 2016 @Chuppylim

[Interview] HOF of May 2016 @Chuppylim

This year has passed almost by half.
A lot of people would have changed their clothes into a thin one.

As you know, the HOF in May is @Chuppylim.
From the start of drawing tip to the HOF!
We will have a time to know about @Chuppylim as well as his activities for 1 year.

As I told you at the last introduction, did he come from other world?
And we will talk about the happiness written on the PEN.UP message.

Now, let's start the interview!!

1. @PEN.UP :

Hello, we have waited for your interview for a long time.
Congratulations for you to be selected as the HOF in May~

How do you feel?

@Chuppylim :

I feel honored and happy to be selected for the HOF in May and being among so many great artistes is like a dream come through ☺

2. @PEN.UP :

You are selected as a HOF when you pass the time of 1 year since you started to work in PEN.UP.
Congratulations, again~

Now, please make a simple introduction of yourself :)

@Chuppylim :

My name is Chuppy Lim.
I am 59 years old married and retired from advertising agency as an Art Director.

Started digital drawing first with an android tablet art as a hobby (after retired) and love it ever since and found a passion for drawing.

3. @PEN.UP :

Before starting the questions, whenever we saw your paintings, we were really wondering about how much time you spend completing a work.
If I were you, it would take all day long T^T

Actually, the work of ‘Angel of Apolypse’ was the most impressive to me.

Of course, other works took a lot of efforts and time, but especially, the work looked very detailed.

@Chuppylim :

Most of my drawings would take about 2 days but if I get excited of a drawing I love, I would finish it during a day, colored ones take longer.

Yes, I like ‘Angel of Apocalypse’ too.
The happening of the world, often we read about it, inspired me for making this drawing.

I found that detailed drawings ‘expressive’ and an extra affords I mad helped to bring out the art better.

4. @PEN.UP :

Let's go a little bit further off!

When you draw a picture of animals or humans, you usually use the objects which we cannot see easily like an imaginary animal.

Is there any special reason?
And, do you have any specific criteria to select your object?

@Chuppylim :

I draw imaginary animals or humans because I think it will capture people’s attention and that drawings have a conceptual idea with something to tell.

For example I have a range of Chinese zodiac animals with bright colors, I wanted to depict a modern Chinese feel that we usually see.

The colors in the drawings are so bright to bring out the elements of these drawings.

5. @PEN.UP :

As the PEN.ples know, there was a tutorial of ‘Draw hysterical cat’ on the drawing tip.

It was a drawing tip using a symmetric function and I thought that it used the biggest advantage which mobile art can have.

What do you think about the works using this function?

@Chuppylim :

When I started using sketchbook pro I found it is easier to change the color of the drawing without redrawing it, this function is even more wonderful, as an artist we always want to change the color of the drawing (Ha ha fickle minded artist).

I shared this sketchbook feature with some of my artist-friends and they love it… simple but useful.

6. @PEN.UP :

I was wondering about the motive that you have met the mobile art.

And I also want to know the reason that you have a lot of paintings with the same atmosphere.

@Chuppylim :

My motive is just a signature with a chinese feel.

Often you see some of my drawings has the same background or style because I always trying to draw a series of 3 or 4.
If I like the series I might do more of it.

I know as an artist I should stick to one style but I often get bored with it.
Experimenting in styles helps me to do more.

7. @PEN.UP :

When I introduce you to our PEN.ples, I said that your works are like 'ASIA'.

Most your paintings have the characteristics of Korea, China and Japan.

Is there any special reason to emphasize the characteristics?

@Chuppylim :

'ASIA' yes!

My earlier drawings, Asian rich cultural background has a colorful side and it’s inspired me to draw my earlier works and I have put a lot of details in it.

8. @PEN.UP :

Up to now, I asked a question about your characterized paintings.

Now, let's talk about the paintings with completely different feelings.

When I saw this picture, I was a little bit embarrassed since the style was completely different.

It was so cute and lovely~

@Chuppylim :

This is happy version (Ha Ha).
Yes, it’s different.

A time for experiment and fickle mind, Artists need to draw a style they like.

9. @PEN.UP :

I have thought that I want to see some of your pictures in the coloring book.
And I heard that you have published the coloring book using zentangle.

Can I ask about the reaction of the market?

@Chuppylim :

One day a publisher was interested in doing it with my drawings.

I felt blessed and happy with my first book on amazon and it’s out now about more than 1 month.

There are a lot of coloring books out there but I really hope it will be sold out well because a big market is out there too ☺

In future I might do that full time if the response will be good, now keeping my fingers cross.

* Coloring Book ‘Zenimals’ by Chuppylim :

10. @PEN.UP :

Among the many works that you uploaded, there was one picture.
It was a wall painting.

When I saw the picture first, I thought the boy and the girl are the actual image but they were drawn!

I was cheated by the natural placement of bicycle ^^;
How did you start drawing a wall painting?

@Chuppylim :

This picture was taken on a tourist spot when I had been on holidays at Penang, Malaysia.

I had a little fun with the picture I started doodling some imaginary friends for the "Little Children on a Bicycle" Mural on my tablet.

No offence to the original artist ☺

11. @PEN.UP :

When I see your FaceBook, you are also very active on your offline activities.
From the various events to the publication, your challenges look very good.

What's your plan for your activity?

@Chuppylim :

I enjoy meeting my good old artist/ friends besides drawing, travel, cycling, movies, music and doodling with friends.

Hope to sell some of my drawings some day and teach digital art to adult and children.

12. @PEN.UP :

This is the last question.
It's simple!

Regarding your PEN.UP message, what's the meaning of your painting to you?

@Chuppylim :

My Art has a happy art and this makes me feel a passion for my drawing.

Thank you for your interview.

We finished the interview with @Chuppylim.

His searching for the happiness of painting looked so beautiful,
and I wish a lot of happiness would stay with him in the future :)

This year, we finished the interviews with 5 artists.
Whenever finishing the interview, I feel lighter a lot.

And the expectations for the remaining artists are increasing :)
I hope that you will look forward to the next interview~!

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