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[HOF] May 2016 @Chuppylim, Congratulations!

[HOF] May 2016 @Chuppylim, Congratulations!

He started working since February 2015.
From the beginning, his painting proved his value with intense colors and exquisite details which anyone cannot follow.

Congratulations!! As the HOF in May, @Chuppylim was selected!

His painting is distinguished in not only the colors and details but also the background with strong mono-tone which highlights all these things.

Personally, on seeing the painting of @Chuppylim, a word came into my mind. That was 'Asia'.
I think it is the word including colors, details, patterns and objects.

His painting is so exquisite that people think it as amazing.
His objects are also various.

As well as humans, from the animals which we can see easily to the animals which we can meet rarely, such as cat, tiger and sea horse, the range of his objects is infinite.

Oh, in case of humans, they cannot be seen often in our surroundings :)

His painting world seems to be in other world.

He left one sentence in his 'About Me' message.
Life is happy when you’re drawing
It seems that his painting is like happiness to him.

One line of @Chuppylim's message may be delivered to all PEN.ples.

Leave a message to @Chuppylim who is selected as the HOF in May. Your line can make a new happiness to @Chuppylim ^^

And send an e-mail to penup.mgr@gmail.com, @Chuppylim!!

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