2016-05-02. AM 07:16
[Challenge 2016.5] Let’s draw Sci-Fi

Hello, everyone ^^

If a time machine exists, where do you want to go?
And if you have a robot which can do everything without your instruction?
If you can live in space, which planet do you want to go first?

You would have imagined these kinds of things.
I really expect PEN.ple's interesting and wonderful thinking already.

The Challenge in May is Let’s draw Sci-Fi!
Express your imagination about future or your world view in your work.

Science Fiction, or Sci-Fi in short,
means the scientific possibility which doesn't exist in the present.

Since it is based on the future which can be realized someday,
it is similar to the genre of Fantasy but somewhat different.

Actually, it is difficult to define but you can express PEN.ple's imaginations freely in a broad sense.
When your thinking is realized, how much can you be excited?
It will be really amazing!

Are you ready for travelling through your drawing?
Now, let me see your Sci-Fi^^

[Guide for Challenge]

* Draw your imagination such as background of future or future science and technology.

* When you add a kind explanation to your painting, more people can feel empathy.

* We'll give the goods as a present to the 5 artists selected in the Challenge in May.

Lastly, we really support the artists with the famous words of Star Wars.

May the force be with you!

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