2016-04-29. AM 08:53
[Notice] PEN.UP Desktop PC version (Beta) Open!!

PEN.UP opens the Desktop PC Version!

Now, you can meet PEN.UP on your PC as well as on the smart phone application!
Though it is still a Beta version, it has a high quality.

With the opening of PC version you can have an additional channel to meet PEN.UP.
On your PC as well as on the application, can we expect to communicate with our PEN.ple? :)

And I'll let you know the easy way to connect to PEN.UP!
If you are the user of Android smart phone, download the application.

If you are not,
you can meet PEN.UP at http://m.penup.com on mobile web or http://penup.com on your desktop.

PEN.UP with the more various channels!
We will try to approach you in a variety of ways.
Thank you ^^

Visit and see our PC Version ~

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