2016-04-21. PM 01:14
Challenge in April_The rabbits are romping around in the PEN.UP~

Challenge in April
The rabbits are romping around in the PEN.UP~

Now, in the PEN.UP, the various innumerable rabbits are romping around!! :)

Before starting the 'Let’s Draw Rabbit' Challenge,
it was hard to find the rabbits in the PEN.UP ^^;

But, a few days after starting the Challenge, a lot of rabbits started hopping!!

First, due to the simple theme,
I wondered what kind of works will be displayed.

But whenever I see the drawings worked by the artists, I'm often surprised at the creativity.

When I see the very cute and beautiful rabbits fill the page,
it also makes me happy ^^

As well as a simple 'rabbit' animal,

starting with the rabbit having the unique characteristics of the artist, there is a cuddly rabbit sleeping in the arms of a baby and there are also the famous cartoon characters~

Together with the rabbit as if jumping out of the 'Alice in Wonderland', a bunny girl wearing a rabbit costume is smiling.

The wonderful and unique rabbits like these were created at the artists' hands.

Thank the artists for showing the various rabbits^^

The Challenge in April didn't stop yet.
Not only I, but all the members of the PEN.UP would like to see the wonderful works.

And I'm also looking forward to see the works of other artists who have not participated in yet.

We will prepare for the room for the rabbits which are not born yet in the PEN.UP ^^

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