2016-04-20. AM 06:41
PEN.UP joined the SDC2016

PEN.UP joined the SDC2016
(Samsung Developer Conference 2016 in Sanfrancisco)

This is Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
How the bridge stretches out looks very impressive.

But, suddenly!
Can anyone guess why we are showing the bridge in San Francisco?

(Drum rolls)
PEN.UP will participate in the Samsung Developer Conference 2016!

For those who are not well aware of SDC, here is a short description of it.
It is a large sized conference for the developers held by Samsung Electronics.

PEN.UP participated in SDC 2014 to showcase PEN.UP’s SDK to a number of developers.

We are also participating this time!
PEN.UP’s developers’ team are preparing to Moscone Center in San Francisco!

Here are the pictures of our PEN.UP display booth at SDC 2014.

As you can see, we will leverage various drawings you’ve uploaded to increase awareness about PEN.UP to the developers that partake in SDC 2016.

In addition, by letting more developers about PEN.UP SDK, we will promote ourselves for possible drawing tools.

Your support will be great motivation for us!

Those developers who are interested, please partake in this event!
If you have any questions about attending SDC, please contact us.

SDC 2016 will be held from April 27 to 28.
We look forward to your attention!
Thank you!

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