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[Interview] HOF of April 2016 @Gavriel

[Interview] HOF of April 2016 @Gavriel

The characters in his drawings are just perfect.
they are pretty and handsome with long limbs.
Even the kid character has long limbs. There is nothing that is not perfect.

But, the perfection in his character is not the only reason behind his appointment as the HOF.

Looking at his drawings, you will soon feel that you are talking to the characters, as if you are reading a webtoon.

But, it does not just come from the character itself.
How he presents the character with a sense of mood is unique.

With the variety of expressions, motions and backgrounds, you will soon be compelled by the drawings.

In addition, the drawing tips he uploaded from time to time indeed helped a lot of the followers.

As the follower number increased, he left a thank you note on his drawings.
(He recently left another note as the number of followers exceeded 7,000!)

Let’s begin our talks with @Gavriel, our HOF of April who has been with us since March 2015.

Q1. @PEN.UP :

Hello^^ We are from the PEN.UP team.
Congratulations again on your winning of April HOF.

The first question is always the same.
How did you feel when you first got to know that you were appointed as the HOF of April?

A. @Gavriel :

Hello, PEN.UP team and PEN.UP users.
First of all, I would like to say thank you for all your congratulations.

I got to know that I was appointed as the HOF via Fanbook.
Everyone just congratulated me in English.
(I had to use the translator app!)

I wondered at first what had happened and got astonished seeing the notice. It was really joyful and honored.
I also thought if I deserved it because I am a relatively not-so-active member.

I believe conferring the HOF position requires more active participation; so I would draw more!
(It seems I am at Oscars^^;;)

Q2. @PEN.UP :

Another must-ask question! Please introduce yourself.
People usually use Gabriel, which means an angel.

But, Gavriel seems quite unusual.
Could you please tell us what it means?

A. @Gavriel :

To make it short, I am uncle Gavriel, the painter.
I draw as my hobby, but I have a big vision in my heart of becoming an artist.

Usually, an artist does not like something usual and favors his/her originality.
In that context, I just wanted to have my own name; there is no other meaning behind it.

Q3. @PEN.UP :

While we were writing down the interview questionnaires, you’ve uploaded your drawing in celebration of having over 7,000 followers.

It’s always good to see how you thank your followers.
Is there any reason you leave a thank you note for the followers?

A. @Gavriel :

I just wanted to thank all the people who see my drawing.

What I prioritize in my drawing is that “make others think and imagine as they see”. So, as more people enjoy my drawings, my skills would grow more.

In other words, my drawings would grow more with more people enjoying it. That’s why I could not stop but thank my followers!

Q4. @PEN.UP :

Recently, there seems to be many unique characters.

We remember that there were more of calm characters before, which, of course, would have been difficult for you as well.

But, these days, there are stronger characters like robots.
Is there any reason you draw such special characters?

A. @Gavriel :

Hmm.. The answer to this might be “challenge”.

As I challenge myself to draw the things that are new, genres that I haven’t tried before, topics I did not deal with before, areas that I am not good at, physical parts and proposition, I get more experiences and end up having better results every time.

Of course, sometimes there are variables that take place while I set up a topic.

For instance, the theme would be similar to others, or I draw the topics requested by others.
Sometimes, I draw the image from my conversation with a friend.

Once such topic is set, I really sit down to think about how I could differentiate that topic from others.

In that case, what I need the most is the originality in the character.

Q5. @PEN.UP :

Your drawings always look more like a webtoon.

I personally like webtoon very much, so I enjoy reading a lot of webtoons. Your drawing, from the background, is much more like a webtoon.

Have you ever thought of drawing a webtoon?

A. @Gavriel :

A lot of people say that my drawings seem like a webtoon.
The fact that lines protrude in my drawings is the reason why it looks like a cartoon.

I’ve always wanted to draw a webtoon.
In fact, I have also drawn five episodes of a webtoon, but it wasn’t that easy – the speed, presentation and background.

If I have more time later on, I would want to try one more time.
I will contact you then. Give me points and comment! (joking^^)

Q6. @PEN.UP :

You often share your skills for the drawing tips.
The PEN.UP team really thank you for your efforts.

This is one of the most idealistic ways to communicate with your fans.
Is there any special reason you share such skills?

A. @Gavriel :

The reason is that I got such questions^^
In fact, I am often asked to share tips like line.

I wanted to share, but I just couldn’t because I do not speak English.
(translator is not always perfect)

If I have a girlfriend who has majored in English, then I would share my tips that I know. (Dream on)

Q7. @PEN.UP :

You mostly create your own characters, but sometimes you also draw popular game characters or animation characters.

Is there any games or animation you like?

A. @Gavriel :

I’ve given up on games.
I don’t usually go after animation, so I only know the popular ones.

I like Onepiece the most because of the characters’ originality and traits. I also like Detective Conan, Naruto and Bleach.
Recently, I enjoyed reading Haikyu.

I draw the existing characters as a gift for others, but I don’t usually enjoy drawing them.

It’s because I somehow feel that those drawings are not really mine.

Q8. @PEN.UP :

When we look at the sketches like the following drawings, it seems that you have a model for them.

Do you have any models when you draw?

A. @Gavriel :

They are all just imaginary characters.
The only drawings where the models exist are the ones under the portrait category and the drawings in which I became the motif.

If someone says the character looks similar to someone, I say that person was the motif, which is of course a joke.

Q9. @PEN.UP :

Are you going to continue to draw characters?
I believe that your drawings of other genres will be also fantastic if we look at the characters, backgrounds or atmosphere.

Are you thinking of drawing totally different categories?

A. @Gavriel :

I would most likely draw character-focused drawings.
I am practicing backgrounds even now.

I believe it’s my shortcoming so I try hard to practice.
However, it’s not that easy.

I am not sure about drawing other genres and presentations because I do not think that I am particularly focused on specific genres or types.

I would review what kind of drawings I make and will try to come up with more variety of drawings.

Q10. @PEN.UP :

There was something that I questioned;
although you come up with a lot of drawings, we seldom see your challenge related drawings.

It would be good if you could participate in it.

A. @Gavriel :

The topics that I saw when I first joined PEN.UP were not really suitable for me – heroes and buildings.

I was also busy drawing other paintings, so I just postponed joining the challenge. So I somehow got distant from the challenge.

It’s not that I was reluctant or something; I will try to take part in it, so please come up with an interesting challenge.^^

Q11. @PEN.UP :

Is there any point you would want to make for our improvement?

I believe you would have quite many opinions since you are active at PEN.UP.

A. @Gavriel :

I don’t have any parts that I feel uncomfortable or inconvenient; I just get so many advantages from PEN.UP.

I am not sure if I am in the right position to make suggestion, but I will just go ahead with it.

Sometimes, I see people who use my drawings for their profile pictures. (I do not permit download for my drawings except for the tip collection)

Some people asked me to send them over my drawings and I’ve sent them. But, when I see that there are people who just use them as their profile photos without permission, I get to think that they may use it for other usages.

So, I even thought of posting up my drawing with a part hidden.
I’m not sure if this is something I could suggest, but it’s the only part that I feel uncomfortable while doing PEN.UP.

Q12. @PEN.UP :

If you have a chance, could you please give us a drawing tip?
There are probably many people who want to learn your skills appropriately.

A. @Gavriel :

I will share all my tips upon requests.
I always enjoy telling others what I know.
This is indeed a good chance for me so please go ahead and ask me.

There is no space for me to wrap up this interview.
Thank you again – PEN.UP team, PEN.UP users and followers.

I would want to meet you again whenever there is another good chance^^

Thank you for your time for this interview.
We look forward to your active engagement at PEN.UP.

Please show us your excellent drawings!

While preparing an interview with artist @Gavriel, we were pretty much impressed how the artist focuses on the small details to describe the character.

In addition, we were also surprised that he expresses the imaginary characters, which are not related to human drawings.

We would also like to see the drawings with stories leveraging the character @Gavriel has drawn.

It seems that the delicate expression on his drawing makes people anticipate even more from his drawings.

We look forward to your drawings later on!

Congratulations again!

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