2016-04-14. AM 11:01
[Review] Challenge in March

Challenge in March : Coexistence with Water

Hello, everyone! ^^
It is a warm spring day that I want to draw in the open air with flowery breezy.

First, I want to thank you for participating in the Challenge in March.
Seeing the works of Challenge,
I could have a chance to think about 'water' seriously.

All growing lives need water because water is essential to our living.
I don't want to imagine the world without water, and it cannot be imagined…!

Through the various sights of yours during March,
we could thank for water again because we have forgotten the preciousness of water since It is close to us.

Now, let's look around the works about 'water' of yours!

1. Happiness with water

Water to Refresh / @Duarte074
Water / @kstar
true happiness It’s in the little things… / @Peter

These are the works of happiness and joy with water.

@Duarte074 expressed the child who is looking at water from facet amazingly.
He will grow healthy drinking clean water, won't he?

@kstar expressed the lively image of getting water with both hands.
The brushes in the work reflect me of my childhood.

@Peter showed the joyful children who are eating rain.
The small pleasure with water makes me smile.

2. Animals with water

Life in the water / @Abex
sea water / @Nigart
dog in the pool…^_^ / @akshat

Water is precious for other creatures as well as for human being.
Let’s see the cute animals with water!

@Abex showed an Interesting scene that fishes are on the turtle.
The various creatures made a colorful ocean.

@Nigart expressed the dolphin with a mild smile though the body is big. It looks like finding us while swimming in the sea.

@akshat drew the puppy struggling in water.
The urgent look is very cute.

3. Human being on earth and mermaid in water

Merman / @juzztinlee
Blue mermaid / @ikyena_art
The Life Aquatic.... / @Nitin.Kurvey

Though human beings cannot live in water, the imaginary mermaids live in water.

@juzztinlee and @ikyena_art expressed the mysterious male and female mermaids in the water.

@Nitin.Kurvey showed the wonderful scene with fishes, mermaid and sea.

The mermaid arouses our attention to water.
For the coexistence with them, if you believe in the existence of them!

4. Imagination

Water is Out of Rule / @Aibehr
And Now for something Different… / @casebasket
under the sea of dreams / @FrankOs

When you think of water, what can you imagine about it?

@Aibehr showed the interesting imagination that a shark comes from the scene of water.
The angle from above makes the work more vivid.

And next, the work of @casebasket depicted a brave woman who crosses the water on the umbrella.
Maybe she can control the direction with the umbrella.

@FrankOs expressed a woman who is swimming in water without any equipment and with the beautiful ocean floor in the background.
The sunrays into the ocean make the marvelous thing.

Due to this Challenge in March with water, my heart seems to be transparent.

With water, we can be alive, see the wonderful scenes and be happy.
We could find the importance of water again.

Thanks to your works with water, PENUP was very happy.
As if we found an oasis!

Thanks the members who participated in the Challenge again.

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