2016-04-04. AM 01:37
[HOF] April 2016 @Gavriel, Congratulations!

[HOF] April 2016 @Gavriel, Congratulation!

His picture has the high quality as much as it can be presented as an episode of webtoon.
It is not just a webtoon of a pretty drawing but his characters have a unique atmosphere for each.

In addition to this, maybe it is a work to emphasize the characters, the background makes the characters stand out.

Though there are some famous game characters and animation characters.
The famous characters wearing a new clothes of @Gavriel create a different atmosphere.

For the HOF in April 2016, the artist @Gavriel is selected! Congratulations~!

As I mentioned above,
The artist @Gavriel is drawing the picture focusing on the characters.
The various characters of people, robots and monsters are created by his hands.

Suddenly, I have a question!
As you see, his characters have long fingers as well as long arms and legs.

How about the arms and legs of the artist?
(Then, there was a portrait of the artist from the posted pictures…)

Maybe a lot of people would be curious about the artists.
The artist @Gavriel loads his drawings continuously and doesn't miss the communications with his fans.

Please leave your message to the artist @Gavriel who is selected for the HOF in April!

And send me your e-mail for the interview of the Hall of Fame, @Gavriel ^^

And again, congratulations! ^^

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