2016-04-01. AM 01:25
[Challenge 2016.4] Let’s draw Rabbit

April 2016, the cold winter has passed and the feeling of spring is in the air these days.
The challenge in April is 'Let’s draw a Rabbit'

Last June, we have conducted the challenge of 'Drawing the Extinct Animals'.
A lot of artists have participated and it received a good response.

And you may wonder why it is a drawing of rabbit instead of animals.

A rabbit is the animal representing the cuteness more than any other animals in public.
And, regardless of the East and the West, it is a symbol of fertility, abundance and wisdom.

The milling rabbit on the moon in the East means the eternal youth,
and also in the West, the Easter Bunny is representative.

In addition to this, the various images of rabbit are very popular beyond the border of the West and the East.

Therefore, instead of a wide range of 'Drawing the animals',
PEN.UP selected the animal which is somewhat detailed, interesting and meaningful and which everybody can draw easily.

Now, draw the rabbit that you are thinking of.
The rabbit which can give you the abundance only by seeing the picture like the meaning of a rabbit!

[Guide for Challenge]

* Draw the picture that a rabbit is a main character!

* The characters related to a rabbit are good and the rabbit of animal is also good. We want to see your rabbit ^^

* The special goods are given to the five artists who are selected for the Challenge in April.

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