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[Review] Challenge of February

Challenge in February : I saw your dream

Hi, PEN.ples ~ ^^

First, I would like to thank you that you graced the challenge of 'Dream' with your all imagination in February.
I think that a dream means a lot of different things to us.

It is very usual but not so common.

By expressing the abstract material of 'dream' in your picture,
don't you think that your dream which seemed very far is coming up to you?
And didn't your dream that was erased completely after you woke up become clearer?

As for me, while I was looking at your pictures, it seemed to me that I was dreaming for a long time.
The challenge in February that we felt our dream and world!

Now, let's share the dreams that you expressed in your pictures!

1. Entrance or Exit of Unknown Place

I Dream of loved ones who have gone to soon ♡ / @Spirited_One
Pathway To The Unknown / @trishashah

It is the stairway to somewhere that makes you dream of unknown place, illustrated by @Spirited_One and @trishashah.

When you see the end of this stairway, you imagine other things.
Nobody knows that the end is an entrance or an exit.

2. Colorful Dream

Dreaming of a colourful world / @Abex
Who never wanted to be a king ? (Lion King) / @Duarte074

The work of @Abex which expressed the special space with a lot of colors presents the colorful spring ahead of time.
It is the dream and the world where you can enjoy your happiness with the scent of flowers.

Another colorful work of @Duarte074 expressed the lion, a king of animals, as a very colorful and fancy one.

Have you ever dreamt a strong lion in your childhood?
This colorful lion seems to wear all the colors in the world.
The harmony of colors is very beautiful.

3. My New World

dream of magical n8s / @ANA
My secret world in dreams / @Nina

My own world that is located in my mind is sometimes realized in the imaginary world of dream.

When you see the enchanting world of @ANA, which may remind you of an ice place, you can feel as if you were on the only swing in the world looking down the world.

@Nina depicted her own world as a very mysterious one.
She is beckoning to a vague figure.
It is a very special and mystique place above the clouds.

4. Warm Dream

Sweet dream goddess / @bluelightt
everybody’s dream / @Nigart

It is the expression of a good imagination, illustrated by @bluelightt.
To be changed into a beautiful world, the breath of Goddess may be needed. It must be very warm breath.

The work of @Nigart shows the dream with warm feeling.
The warm colors wrapping the whole canvas make the red heart noticeable.

The thing that everyone is dreaming of, isn't it 'Love'?

5. My dream

My dream is to see extinct animals / @SleepingFear
My dream : Retirement life in Paradise / @ivanski215

There are the artists who expressed their hopes or ideals instead of an imaginary world.

It is the work of @SleepingFear who has the dream to see the extinct animals.

The animal standing in the back, which looks like a fat horse, is a 'paraceratherium'.
Since it is painted with an unfamiliar color to animal, the existence is standing out all the more.

The work of @ivanski215 depicted the paradise that everyone is dreaming of and the freedom in there.

It would be very good to spend your time in this paradise after retiring. And you can also draw the picture looking at the beach.

Especially in this challenge, there was a fun to read the words or tags attached to the pictures. Looking at the works submitted to the challenge of 'Dream', I could think a lot of things.

The mystique and beautiful dreams of you still gives me a magical feeling. Tonight will be the long night.

I'm dazzled by your sparkling lights of dreams.
I want to express my thanks again to all of the artists who participated in this challenge.

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