2016-03-25. AM 04:58
[Notice] PEN.UP update Ver.2.1

[Notice] PEN.UP update Ver.2.1

Please be advised that PEN.UP 2.1 version has been updated.
This update was done in order to promote convenience.
I will introduce the areas that have been improved.

* 2.1 Update List

- Multi-posting function improvement
- Comment copy & translation function added
- Partial removal of capture prevention function
- No longer SPD function
- Tablet access design improvement
- Other bug revision

In case of multi-posting, a function has been added to easily change the order of the image by dragging.

Previously, the image has been allocated in the order of selection.
Now, you will be able to change the order just by dragging without having to delete the posting.

In addition, there was no copy function in the comment area.
But, in order to promote the communication among PEN.PLEs, we have added a function to enable you to copy the comments by long press.

If you use a simple translator, wouldn't it help your communication with the PEN.PLEs who use different languages?

The third part is alleviation in the capture prevention.
The capture prevented by security policy made it unable to capture the screenshot.
However, it has been alleviated so that it will only apply in the larger view (double click.)

But, despite the alleviated function, one should never ever steal other’s pieces!

In the larger view, you will see the message saying
“Unable to capture screenshot. Prevented by security policy”

One sad news is that SPD file will no longer be available.

SPD is a file available in S-Note application.

Due to the changes in S-PEN SDK, you should now save the file made from S-Note in an image format.

Also, when you access from a tablet, you will that PEN.UP design has been improved.
Please look forward to PEN.UP getting prettier!

Also, there were other bug revisions.

PEN.UP always contemplates on how we could be able to offer easier and more interesting service to PEN.PLEs; we are always ready to change ourselves into a better way.

We will put much more efforts to offer more satisfying service.

Please click on the icon below if you have not yet updated PEN.UP 2.1.

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