2016-03-03. AM 01:23

  • [HOF] March 2016 @Gubarevsa, Congratulations!

    His works seem to prove the true meaning of ‘variety’ with all kinds of different colors used.

    Not just bright colors but also lots of other different colors including black and white make his works look mysterious.

    He pursues those moods through human figures rather than landscapes and things.

    He also emphasizes each person’s own characteristics by using particular colors. In that way his works catch viewers’ eyes.

    Gubarevsa, the creator of those mysterious portraits, has been chosen as a new member of HOF in March.

  • As mentioned above, his works have strong mysterious moods.

    While creating a portrait, he does not just draw a contour of a face but also infuses bold facial gestures and eye directions into his works, all of which contribute to enamoring effect.

    Among those recently uploaded, ‘digital color’ has received many ‘Hearts’ for its interesting ideas and unique combination of colors.

  • While he has uploaded about 200 works since his participation in January, 2015, we are wondering who this artist Gubarevsa is.

    Although there are many people who try portraits, we are particularly interested in listening to his characteristic ideas. ^^

    Post a congratulatory message to Gubarevsa on his entrance into HOF.

    And Gubarevsa are kindly asked to send an email to us.

    Congratulations again!