2016-03-01. AM 01:14

  • The sun and the moon for January, 2016,
    and dreams of pen.ple for February.

    And now we are going to draw ‘Water’ which hardly receives its credit in March.

    March 22 is the World Water Day designated by UN.

    Due to the increase in population and economic growth, the water quality decreases and many people suffer from water shortage, which is why UN designated this day.

    So we are going to present a challenge for works about such social problems as water shortage,
    drought as well as for works about many things related to water like water, seas, under the sea, rain, etc.

  • So Let’s Draw Water !!

    As you know, water is very close to us.

    It seems that we hardly realize the true value of water because they are too close to us.

    Even though we know that water shortage is worsening, we can’t actually feel how severe it is.

  • So we kindly ask you to create a work for water as an essential material.
    Any work which is related to water is OK. And it would be appreciated to add a comment to the work.

    * Criteria for selecting the winners of the challenge.

    - users who draw water related things

    - upload the work with a short description

    * Those works which are not relevant to the theme ‘water’ may be excluded from the challenge.

    If you are curious about World Water Day events,
    check the link below.

    You can get inspired there.