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  • Hi, This is PEN.UP team!

    Last winter, PEN.UP team traveled to Italy to meet a user.
    That is @AL1ISBETTER!
    We spend two days together while drawing and learning.

    Once we have observed his own way of drawing, that made us two times or three times more excited to see his works.

    since his participation in PEN.UP, he has continued to upload works full of individuality almost everyday.

    All those works deserved to be a collection in a book format.

    With two videos of speed drawing, PEN.UP’s popular artist @AL1ISBETTER! surprised all of us.

    For this time, we would like to share his stories about PEN.UP 2.0 update, his favorite features, and many other things.

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    Now let's get started.

  • Q1. @PEN.UP_Manager :

    Hi! Mauro! I have really wanted to see you.
    Personally, I am your huge fan.

    It is a great honor to meet you in person.

    And it is really fantastic to spend two days with you while talking about drawing.

    Would you introduce yourself briefly to those who have never met you before?


    Hello to every PEN.ple friends, my real name is MAURO PITTARELLO as @AL1ISBETTER in PEN.UP

    And I live in ITALY in PESCHIERA DEL GARDA, a beautiful place near the GARDA LAKE.

    Water have the great power to calm the worst mood!

    I’m not a pro artist, I’m just an hobbyist with the passion for art and an old dream of being a fable-illustrator.

    I’m employed in a production & post-production film company in VERONA. Editing, compositing, graphic design & motion graphic design are my skills.

    Q2. @PEN.UP_Manager :

    Mauro, could you tell us you opinion about New PEN.UP update 2.0?


    I love PEN.UP because it’s one of the beautiful social networks for artists.

    In PEN.UP you can find any kind of artists – from the pro artist and the hobbyist. The beautiful thing of PEN.UP that these two kinds of artists they meet together and they can share their works.

    I love PEN.UP for this first of all.

  • I love the new interface.

    New Interface is very clear, simple, you have all under your control. The presence of the upper bar, when you can access to your profile and you can look at your work, you can see the comment and reply.

    And in every moment you can go back to your personal profile page and the same moment you can change (menu) and back to exploration of other artist’s works

    Q3. PEN.UP_Manager :

    What functions you like the most in PEN.UP?


    In PEN.UP I love the possibility to like the artist’s work immediately (by double click),

    you can enter his work, the possibility of downloading the work of other artist, which you than can use as screensaver or wallpaper on your phone.

    This function is very beautiful, no other social networks gives possibility to download other artist’s work on your device.

  • Immediately when I subscribed to PEN.UP I felt that I have the sensation of that I just see and done. It’s very immediate, you can move, you can click, you can look at work.

    Same like you have… made these things in your life, it’s great, social. I loved the immediacy of the interface of this application.

    Q4. PEN.UP_Manager :

    During these 2 years you’ve been very active in PEN.UP, you posted so many drawings, almost every day if not every day, what make you draw constantly with such enthusiasm?

    For me drawing is a way to make some exercise on my creativity.

    And when I have a bad day at work I need to draw something to free my mind from the rigid scheme of my day and to free my creativity.

    And on PEN.UP I know a lot of different artists, I put my works and I Immediately can communicate with other people. And these things, they are fantastic for me, and I can share, I can comment other works.

    This is incredible. I draw a lot of, I call it doodles, because they are sketches made without idea at the beginning of the process of drawing.

    When I draw… I draw just to empty my mind.

  • When I begin to draw I don’t have a scheme or plan about which kind of result I will have at the end of my drawing.
    I begin to move the hand and something happens.

    Q5. PEN.UP_Manager :

    Can you give some recommendations to PEN.UP members on how to not give up on drawing or how to make one better in drawing?


    You have to make a lot of exercises, every day you have to draw something and you will see that if you draw every day, day after day – you will improve your talent.

  • After 1 year you look at the past work and you see that something has changed in your style – better or worse way, but I’m sure change will be in a better way,

    because if you draw every day – you can only improve your skill.

    Q6. PEN.UP_Manager :

    DO you want to say some words to PEN.UP people?


    Personally, I wanna thank you all for the appreciation that I receive on my works and sometimes I need another way to thank you because I reply to the comments I receive in the same way – I write “Many thanks”, I write “Warm Thanks”,

    I need to study another way to say “Big thanks” to everyone to take their time to like one of my drawings.

  • And for me it’s the best part of the day when I see someone put the comment or say something about drawing I make. So the only thing I have to say to all PEN.UP members is

    “Many thanks for the love of my artworks”.

    Q7. PEN.UP Manager :

    Thanks for your time.


    Hello to everyone! I love you.

  • So we finished his interview and took a picture of him.
    It would be a memorable event to each other.

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