2016-02-05. AM 03:45
  • [Movie] Special guest @AL1ISBETTER #1

    We introduce you to a very special video clip!
    This video was produced in two parts.

    If you watch the piece inside this video, you'll be able to see who the lead character is immediately.

  • This is the first video,
    Pen.Up's hottest artist @AL1ISBETTER's speed drawing.

    The Pen.Up team visited his home last winter and had a great time drawing together!

    We want to thank him once again for showing us his awesome drawings to his friends and for the hospitality he offered the PEN.UP team. We'll never forget!

  • * We hope you look forward to @AL1ISBETTER's speed drawing part 2 video which will be released soon! Well the, shall we go and watch the video together?