2016-02-02. AM 01:37
  • [HOF] February 2016 @IdiaDesign,

    The works by the artist we are going to introduce are literally incredible.

    Once you have got through this collection, that would give an impression of watching several dramas in a single page.

    Those dramas which once excited us, and the masterpieces which don’t need any explanation, or those works which used to particularly make you a huge fan.

    This person has a special ability to catch the distinctiveness of the ‘characters’ in dramas, books, and movies, and make them alive.

    That is @IdiaDesign, who has just become a new member of HOF in 2016.

  • Actually I don't watch TV quite often.
    Neither American nor English dramas.

    But since I met @IdiaDesign’s works, I have come to know famous works one by one.

    That is new knowledge as well as a new experience.

    There are some dramas which I knew were originally games, but actually were based on dramas or books.

    And there was a character which I saw in a movie only,
    but, before that, was a main character in a book(fairy tale).
  • Since signing up in October, 2014,
    @IdiaDesign has drawn a variety of portraits of characters in many TV shows, movies, and games.

    Just take a look at his(her) artworks which can make characters look alive, and they look the same but different in his(her) distinctive way.

    It would be really interesting to try guessing from which movie the characters are coming.

    And don’t miss the interview of @IdiaDesign, who is a new member of HOF.

    I guess there are some movies and dramas you would like.

    @IdiaDesign is kindly requested to send an email to us at the address below.


    Congratulations again!