2016-02-01. AM 01:25
  • Notice on the Challenge in February, 2016 :
    Let’s draw your dream!

    We all have an experience of drawing pictures with a theme of “Drawing my dream.”

    As our innocent heart directs, we used to eagerly draw pictures of being a president, astronaut, athlete, etc.

    And after becoming an adult as time fleets away, the reminiscence of those moments would make us smile, yearn for them, regret because they changed a lot,

    or sometimes satisfied more than before,

    What was your dream when you were young?
    And what is your dream now?
  • ‘Drawing dreams’ as the theme of the challenge of this month could have different meanings depending on different people.

    So we hope you will draw what you think is your dream freely.

    That could be a dream you just had last night or a dream you had a week ago.

  • @ikyena_art - sunset /
    @TreeStory & @Iness_j.y_park & @221st_Racoon & @Como - Collaborationtown

    How about drawing the scene you saw in your dream last night?

    In that dream you could be admiring some beautiful imaginary scenery under the shining skies.

    Or that could be a village from a fairy tale which is full of cute characters.

  • @zooclankoala - Sweet wars

    “Last night I had a dream where I played chess with Darth Vader and Yoda.”

    This could be your story.

    How about your real dream, meaning your goals or wishes in life rather than fictional dreams?

  • @jandi - Follow me / @Pato.Cha

    Goals in life should not necessarily be grandiose.

    A dream of buying a motorcycle and speeding up on an open field.

    A dream of building a body like Bruce Lee and becoming stronger.

    A dream of trying paragliding.

  • My dream is to raise all kind of dogs all at the same time.

    Dog trainer was once my dream.

    The dreams you have while sleeping or the dreams as your life goals.

    Just draw them as you want.

    But it would be appreciated if you add a short description to your work when you upload it.

    In that way, friends would better know about you and better understand your work.

    Just create scenes of your dreams freely, and sent them to PEN.UP.
  • @viva.j - wake me up / @nilla - sky high PEN.UP