2016-01-21. AM 01:25

  • [January’s Challenge] Have you still not participated in the challenge?

    PEN.UP holds a challenge with a theme once a month.

    As of January, 2016, you have submitted all kinds of pictures with 29 themes in total.

    Whether it is based on a season, or on your favorite genre, or just on a latest trend, we are excited and rewarded while choosing themes for challenges.

    The theme of January’s challenge is “Drawing the Sun and the Moon.”

    As always, we are again amazed at your power of imagination.

    If you are agonizing over what kind of picture you should do, just check these works of your friends and do it yourself!

  • @Hani_full moon / @kstar_sun rise / @Mariella_Sun&Moon in me

    How about a night scene where everything is silent and lonely under the full moon.

    Or how about a scene of the rising sun suggesting a promising future.

    Or it would be wonderful to create a scene where the night and daytime exist at the same time.

    There are lots of works of these kinds.

  • @Emily_The Cat Moon / @TNY_by Lisa Falzon

    By adding a little bit of imagination, you can overlap a shape of another object on the sun or the moon, or how about personifying them!

    They would look unique, and that would be your original work.

  • @casebasket_Celestial Mix / @Grafixguru_Legends

    You can also make the sun and moon characters and put them in some imaginary landscape.

    All these depend on your imagination.

    Until now, although the given theme is the sun and moon, the styles of rendering them are all different and full of individuality.

    And we are very grateful that you have uploaded the works relevant to the theme.

    All your wonderful works would help others find their own styles.

    So we hope that more works continue to be uploaded until the end of the challenge.

    [Instructions for the challenge]

    * Create a picture where the sun and the moon are put together.

    *Note that those works not relevant to the theme will be excluded from the list.

    * Add "your new year resolutions and wishes" in the description or the title of the picture you have created.

    * The five winners of this challenge will be given the 2016 diary as a gift.