2016-01-18. AM 02:37

  • Samsung Electronics Internal Exhibition_2015 HOF’s artworks!

    In the Korean headquarter office of Samsung Electronics, the art pieces of HOFs from 2015, which have been displayed in the yearend exhibition, are being exhibited.

    For the first round, six of our 12 HOFs from 2015 have their pieces displayed around the spots that have the most passer-by, attracting the eyes of many.

    Those who have seen the art pieces all say, “Is it really true that these are drawn with Galaxy Note?”

    This came as a bigger pride for us towards our PEN.UP artists.

    Let us show you some pictures from the exhibition.

  • This is the exhibition shelf that displays the art pieces of @N3P, our HOF of January 2015, and of @AL1ISBETTER, the HOF of February.

  • These two artists have varying styles – with N3P’s pieces being picturesque and accurate while AL1ISBETTER’s pieces being very stylish and original –

    but they go well together in harmony.

  • Next is the shelf for @Grafixguru, who became the HOF of March, and for @Elmoghira, the April HOF.

  • This shelf displays the dreamy like Grafixguru’s pieces and splendid and colorful Elmoghira’s pieces.

    These very original artists also come in harmony.

  • Last, but not least, we have @martinzz88, the May HOF, and @Pato.Cha, the June HOF on this shelf.

  • Their picturesque, realistic pieces displayed on the shelf make everyone wonder : “Is it a drawing or a picture?”

    This was a review of the exhibition of our January to June HOFs being held inside Samsung office.

    The exhibition will continue until the end of February.

    The art pieces of our July to December HOFs will be displayed from February 1.

    Our gratitude and love goes out to all our PEN.UP artists who show great drawings every time.