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  • [Story] HOF of January 2016, @Mariella

    January of the new year 2016 has already come around.

    We are so excited to think about with what events we could make all of you happy, which artists would get a special attention, and what kind of drawing apps would be newly released, and the unlimited possibility of PEN.UP.

    With that hope in mind, here is the interview of @Mariella, the first member of HOF in 2016.

    Living in Italy, a country famous for its great cuisine and style, she is such a talented and confident artist.

    Her profile says "Loving art, paintings are my secret places."

    From her interview, you could find another attraction of her secret places.

    Now take a look at her interview.

    @PEN.UP :
    Hi! @Mariella. Nice to meet you.
    You are a really long-awaited female member of HOF.

    Your work decorated the first portal of HOF in 2016.
    How do you feel about that?

    @Mariella :
    Hello Pen.Up! Hello everyone! My pleasure to meet you!
    I want to thank you for this wonderful surprise.
    This is a beautiful gift...
    the first of this new year.

    I am very honored being the first woman to HOF in a long time and to be the first HOF 2016.

    @PEN.UP :
    Long ago, I traveled to Rome and the surroundings places.

    I just envy you living in such a beautiful country.
    The Colosseum just comes to mind.

    Your country has so many artists.
    Are you a professional artist?
    What kind of life are you leading?
    Would you introduce yourself briefly?

    @Mariella :
    True our beautiful Italy is home to many artists... even of the past....

    I'm not a professional artist although art, and everything related to art, has a big place in my life.

    I really love to draw; since childhood I have always drawn and a couple of years or so I went to draw on digital devices... on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

    I am married, mother of two daughters, and I am a teacher of art and informatic.

    @PEN.UP :
    How did you take up digital drawing in the first place?
    And what are the best advantages of digital drawing over hand-drawing?

    Are there any shortcomings of digital drawing you experience?

    @Mariella :
    As I said in the previous answer I always drew.

    About a couple of years ago I bought my first Galaxy, the Note 1, and I started to draw digital and right away I loved the digital design. It makes a lot and gives a lot of satisfaction.

    With digital design you can do everything... from the simple game of colors to many different traits and paneling... I really like to work on the details, make them more precise as possible.

    Compared to the hand drawing the benefits are many: control of the work is made easier and the time of delivery are minimal.

    But I still have a lot to learn.
    The comparison with other artists PEN.UP is important and constructive.
    I always try to learn from them and improve myself.

    PEN.UP :
    Your works are so impressive even from the first place.
    PEN.ple must be amazed to see your work.

    You showed such perfect drawings to the extent that people couldn't believe that they are created on a mobile phone.

    Is this the first work in digital? Would you explain this work?

  • @Mariella :
    These drawings are among the first works done in digital drawing but the first of all is that of the fairy on the rock that I have as a cover.

    In fact these two drawings you mentioned are two jobs that I have made on demand as tattoos.

    PEN.UP :
    The collection of your page is well organized. All the works are categorized into genres.

    Although you are talented in every genre, what do you think is the one genre you are most confident with?

    What is the genre you do most easily,
    and the one you are most satisfied with when finished?

  • @Mariella :
    I love doing portraits, resume in detail ... seize the looks and reflections of light on the faces ...

    I like to stop time on the subject that I am going to draw ....

    The portrait is the genre I love most and the one that gives me the most satisfaction .

    And every time the challenge to myself is to make the design at the end as realistic as possible.

    However the human body in general, especially the female I love portrayed in all its features.

    PEN.UP :
    In PEN.UP people share pictures and communicate with each other and many say that they can learn from others' works.

    The works done by @Abex, the new member of HOF in last December have been frequently reposted.

    His works and your works have many things in common.

    What do you think you can learn from his works and what are the best parts of his works?

    @Mariella :
    @Abex, He's a good friend and he is one of the great artists of PEN.UP.

    He is excellent artist in any genre.
    Sinceramnete I always admire his drawings, as I admire the designs of many other artists pen.Up equally excellent.

    I always try to figure out how he made the drawing, every time I try to grasp the teachings, the technique used, because you never stop learning.

    We can and we must always improve.

    PEN.UP :
    I said that your works and @Abex's works have many things in common.

    That's maybe because he is showing many photo-realistic works.
    Just like your works below.

    How much effort do you usually put into the works with this level of elaboration?

    What are the drawing apps you use? And what are your ideas about realism?

  • @Mariella :
    As I said before I really like to work on the details, making the drawing as realistic as possible, above all with some subjects.

    The time that I use depends on the design itself, sometimes a few hours...

    sometimes more than a day. It also depends on when I can work on...

    Sometimes I begin several jobs and switch between them.

    Because in this way I can better see the errors and thus improve the work itself.

    The app that I use almost always Sketchbook Pro, sometimes ArtFlow and very rarely ArtRage.

    Draw subjects realistically can grasp its essence, their experience, the moment of time, and the emotion that transmit...

    More is realistic the more time has stopped....

    PEN.UP :
    Friends are surprised not only by your great talent, but also by the fact that all those works are created with Galaxy Note.

    From Galaxy Note 2 to the latest Note 4, what are your recommendations to those who want to change their devices?

    What are the benefits of the device you are currently using?

    And what is the device you want to use in the future?

  • @Mariella :
    I actually started with the Notes 1, the first drawings were made with this.

    Then they switched to Notes 2 and now seven months to Note 4.

    Of course needless to say that the Note 4 is a device of excellence ...

    and when I start to draw with my notes 4 everything else disappears!

    The Notes 4 than the other previous draw is obviously the top ...

    this really seems to draw on paper ...

    So if you are thinking about a smartphone I would definitely recommend the Note 4, however excellent not only painting, but for all possibility that this phone offers.

    For now, the Notes 4 is the device that I want but if I have to think of my next phone then I think to Notes 5.

    PEN.UP :
    We gathered those works that you submitted to the challenge where you proved such a great talent.

    What is the most memorable challenge and why?

  • @Mariella :
    All the challenges so far made I liked very much like the one currently under way ... all the challenges have very stimulated my imagination and gave an inspiration.

    For me every challenge is memorable in itself and each becomes a personal challenge.

    PEN.UP :
    I wonder how you create flowers.
    Each one has wonderful colors and their shapes and styles are all different.

    What is your favorite one and why?
    And what kind of tips for creating flowers can you give to friends?

    The collection gathered this way looks much more wonderful.

  • @Mariella :
    The challenge of November is one that fascinated me a lot : the search for the flower for that month, the study of the same flowers in their particular ... My own favorites are tulips ... why are the flowers that I like the most ... The advice I can give in designing flowers is to start with simple flowers ... to observe them in their particular ... and look where the light hits the flower itself and makes transparency ...

    The flowers are actually a play of light, colors and shapes ... ...anyway true ... the flowers collected in this way are truly wonderful ... thanks PEN.UP!

    PEN.UP :
    PEN.UP is an SNS where people share pictures and communicate with each other, so there are such wonderful happenings as drawing a portrait of a friend for free or asking for a picture of each other.

    Someone once posted a message that he was passing his gloomy birthday,

    and then many friends uploaded congratulatory pictures for him.
    (click) PEN.UP special birthday episode

    I remember that you created a portrait of your friend's daughter.

    That would be an unforgettable thing for her? Would you tell us about that?

  • @Mariella :
    Actually that's not the only portrait made to order ... In the specific case is the beautiful baby of a friend known on Pen.Up, @Shoug.

    One day she asked me to portray her baby and was very happy when he saw the portrait.

    I am always happy when I realize something for someone, for some friends ... The beauty of art is communication and feelings that the drawings convey...

    PEN.UP :
    You also received picture gifts from friends, I guess.

    It would be a great idea to make "Drawing portraits of PEN.UP friends" a challenge theme one day.

    That would be a memorable event for all of us.
    What do you think?
    Who is the one friend you want to create a portrait of right now?

  • @Mariella :
    Yes, many of my friends PEN.UP made me this beautiful gift and find that someone it makes you a portrait is always very pleasant.

    A challenge on the portraits of friends PEN.UP would be more than memorable.... fantastic!

    Honestly now I do not know tell which friend I would do a portrait.

    Actually I have some suspended portraits of people who have asked me... and... well...would for sure I do before these

    ... PEN.UP you want a portrait? :)))

    PEN.UP :
    Your self-portraits are also loved by so many people.
    What is the most memorable mention on your self-portraits?
    And I wonder whether you draw your self-portraits while looking at the mirror.

  • @Mariella :
    I realized my self-portrait looking at a picture of me.

    Many are the mentions on this drawing: many simply to show me their appreciation at work... someone also to demonstrate the appreciation of me... and also someone to ask me how I made this work which tool or software I used. ..

    However, all comments are very welcome and "memorable"!

    Thanks to the friends of PEN.UP now are here to answer to the interview of HOF January....

    I thank you all!

    PEN.UP :
    How was your last year?
    And what are your resolutions and wishes for the new year?

  • @Mariella :
    This year has been for me a year very intense both in the family and in the workplace .... the nice thing is that there was always PEN.UP with me ... since when I have "discovered" ...

    What I would like in this new year? What I would like for everyone ... serenity, peace, health and general well-being, why not! ... and of course keep on to be with you PEN.UP!!!

    PEN.UP :
    And this is the one question I really wanted to ask personally.
    So does many others, I guess.
    What are the great unknown places or restaurants we should must visit in Italy?
    What are your recommendations?

  • @Mariella :
    As a good Italian I can say that Italy is all to be discovered ...

    There are many beautiful places ... small suburbs fantastic and very picturesque not well known.

    For example in the province of Caserta Prata Sannita may I suggest, small town-castle, a town all white with the medieval castle can still be visited.

    Or Casertavecchia, the ancient medieval suburb of Caserta .... San Leucio, the city of silk with its frames of the '700 ... and the same Caserta with its Royal Palace to visit all his rooms and royal gardens...

    There are still many ... then it I should do to you a long list ... and in every place there are great restaurants in the area ...

    You should tell me which part of Italy you want to visit.

    ... so ask me and I will be happy to help you and give you information! ^ __ ^

    PEN.UP :
    This is the last question.
    What does PEN.UP mean to you?

    @Mariella :
    Since I met PEN.UP is an active part of my life.
    On PEN.UP I found great inspiration and enthusiasm thanks to great artists.

    PEN.UP is as a source of knowledge, search and stimulus ... all this is for me ... Thanks PEN.UP... thanks to exsist....

    So this has been the interview with such a talented artist @Mariella.

    What do you think?

    I hope that you feel closer to her through this interview, even if you have never met her.
  • The reason why such a simple and genial conversation can make us filled and satisfied is that we are all under the same roof named "pictures."

    Those who have the same hobby can communicate with each other talking and passing a pleasant time.

    That is because we have PEN.UP where people from around the world who have the common ideas about pictures get together.

    Until the day when each one of Penple has become a member of HOF, we will continue to try our best.

    Of course there would be much more friends than now.