2016-01-12. AM 02:11
  • Well known for its simple and intuitive interface,
    the drawing app "Tayasui Sketches"
    has got its Android version.

    Tayasui Sketches has been such a popular app with artists.

    Now that PEN.UP SDK has been applied to the app,
    so PEN.ple can create works and conveniently upload them through the app.

    Many drawing apps have already applied PEN.UP SDK.
    And now another one has just followed suit, which is really encouraging.
  • On the left are the functions for adjusting pen thickness and transparency, and a variety of brushes, and on the right are layers.

    Besides brushes, pattern tool for screen tones, figure tool, function for adding fonts will make your creation process a lot more exciting.
  • With its variety of input tools and the structure which utilizes the maximum ability of layers, and many language settings, your creation work will be more convenient and your imagination will be freed.

    With Tayasui, you can do simple drawing, sketches, or just doodling, or make some notes.

    The app has such simple interface and intuitive tools that you can use it in many ways.

    Tayasui Sketches can be downloaded through the link below.

  • "Tayasui Sketche" download click here