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  • After the December Challenge, the last challenge of 2015, we saw so many Christmas trees that displayed the PEN.PLEs’ originality, which made us all happy.

    There were pictures of trees that stayed in the corner of the house, the tree that shine bright in the snow cover mountains and the tree ornaments drawn on the picture of a tree taken while one was walking on the street.

    There was also someone who drew a Christmas tree-leveraged character.

    You surely had fun drawing Christmas trees and spent happy Christmas holidays, right?

    We have selected 20 pieces from this challenge, and the winners will receive awards.

    In particular, this challenge’s winners include those who have shown great efforts, uploading a lot of drawings although it has not been long since they’ve joined us.

    Also, we have also picked those who have engaged themselves in active interaction with others as winners.

    Please enjoy seeing the winners’ Christmas tree drawings.
    And, sent these winners a message of congratulations!

  • First pieces are those which show the artists’ imagination.

    The left one is the drawing by @A_d_h.
    Can you see how PEN.UP’s logo is used as the Christmas tree?
    We thought that it would be a good idea for us to change the PEN.UP logo like this during wintertime.

    The right side drawing shows a girl dressed in Christmas tree, and this was drawn by @cyzard.
    When you look at it closely, you will find that there are many Christmas tree ornaments on Santa Clause-like costume.
    Imagine a Santa appearing at your door in that costume.

  • (Left) This is a drawing by @ANA which makes you feel warm even just looking at it.

    In a warm looking room, a Christmas tree is placed in the corner, waiting for kids. The kids in their sleepwear are pointing at the Christmas tree, looking happy, right?

    (Right) Also, there is a drawing by @ghazal the drawing depicts a huge Christmas tree in the room.
    You will see that it looks quite of a three dimensional.

  • The next three drawings look like a cartoon or magazine posters of Christmas editions.

    @beom-ju and @Hasretgul both associated Christmas tree with “cats”.
    The cat with witty face seems to run out of the drawing in any moment.

    In addition, @mint’s drawing which depicts a rabbit on the moon.
    It seems like the rabbit would fly soon with the Christmas tree.
    It was written D-16 on the description probably, it was D-16 until Christmas.

  • The very left drawing by @creyes somehow reminded us of
    “Take a picture & draw”, which was one of our past challenges.
    On a picture of an ordinary tree taken by chance, the artist drew in vivid ornaments to add vitality!
    The tree on a rainy day was quite sentimental to see.

    The middle one is the drawing by @Envyous.
    It shows the inside a house seen from outside.
    It seems that you will hear Christmas carol when you go in the house since it is full of Christmassy mood.

    The very right side drawing, which is done by @TITIART,
    also shows an ordinary tree with light bulbs.
    Before we zoomed in the drawing, which is drawn with Galaxy Note 5, we thought it was a real picture.

    What a great skill!

  • Also, there were some people who’ve drawn fairy tale illustrations
    @Nakara’s drawing on left and @MuffinGirl’s drawing on right.

    The drawings depict a cute girl dressed up in Christmas tree, holding Santa hat and gifts, as well as a cute character in front of the fire place under the tree decorated with lightbulbs.

    You cannot forget about the lightbulbs when you recall Christmas!
    There are many ornaments for the Christmas trees, right?
    We have collected some of the drawings that depict such ornaments.

  • @Emily / @Maskedlndividu / @milkyocha / @StarMarti / @w3tza

    Drawing a “circle” might be difficult for some people but easy for some people as well.

    Each of the PEN.PLE gave a dimensional effect in the bulbs they drew. We would want to get some of the drawing tips from our friend.

    I thought @StarMarti’s lightbulbs are real pictures.

  • @pako’s vivid colored Christmas tree looks like an ice cream.
    Also @RAA drew a Christmas tree in a snow covered mountain.

    Those people who have experienced digital drawing for the first time may well learn their original expression styles.

  • Lastly, let us introduce you to @Evol.Decay’s drawing.
    You may need to read the description to get a better understanding.
    “ooopps! my digital paint was too thick sorry”

    The artist’s pain has been poured on the ground, which has formed into a Christmas shape.

    This is such an amazing imagination! I am using this as my Galaxy Note 5 display picture.

    So, here we are with 20 artists selected as the winners for the December challenge.


    Thank you very much for your efforts in drawing very original, stylish Christmas trees.

    Those top 20 winners will be given pretty “Gel Candle”.

  • We look forward your drawings in the new year as well!

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