2016-01-06. AM 02:25
  • As we notified after the announcement of the winners of last October's challenge, cellphone cases with the inscriptions of your works are offered as gifts.

    Sorry for this late follow-up. ㅜ_ㅜ

    This is for those who are wondering about the appearances of the cases inscribed with simple line sketches.

    Galaxy inscription cases perfect for preserving and as gifts!
  • Lo!!!

    A variety of phone cases including the ones for the Galaxy S series and Note 4, 5 etc have been completed.

    You may have a different feeling about the inscription of your work on a phone case than on its own.

    Robustness is essential for cases to protect cell phones. Their designs are great as well.

    We tried many versions including t-shirts, eco-bags, tumblers, but cell phone cases with an inscription on it have never been tried before.

    So even our management team covet them.

    Now let's take a look at them one by one.

    * The low quality of images is due to the camera resolution, but the real ones look really beautiful. Ha ha.

  • The phone case with an inscription of the work by @Hani.
    This is for Galaxy Note 5.

  • This phone case for Galaxy Note 5 with @Jonathanv97's work is also wonderful.

    This case with the PEN.UP logo should be the one officially preserved by our management team.

  • This is a case for Galaxy Note 4 with an inscription of two cute cats created by @Sondos.SM.

  • Another case for Galaxy Note 4 with a girl holding a bear doll created by @blackbunny.

  • This is a case with an oriental style painting by @kyliekwok.

  • A case with an inscription of skull by @NALUtatu has also been completed.

  • This is a case for Galaxy Note 4 having an exotic Indian girl created by @MBD.

  • A phone case for Galaxy Note 3 with a lovely dolphin created by @Grace.Jeong.

  • This is a phone case for Galaxy Note 4 inscribed with a love tree created by @jaya.

  • The last one is a case for Galaxy S6 with an extraordinary pattern created by @N3P.

  • I tried putting it on my Galaxy Note 5 and I can see the screen even if the cover is on it, which is really convenient.

    These cases completed with inscriptions make us really feel rewarded.

    And we are so happy to think that these cases are wonderful gifts for you. ^^

    These cases have already been sent to many countries including U.S., Bahrain, Iran, India, Indonesia, Korea, Australia.

    We hope these cases are useful to all of you.

    And we are looking forward to seeing your confirming pictures of the cases put on your cell phone.