2016-01-02. AM 12:17
  • As we celebrate the new year 2016,
    the new member of HOF for January is

    Interestingly, all new members of HOF in 2015 were male.

    So @Mariella has been the first female member of HOF since @aznlover220 became a member in November, 2014.

    Of course, there are many talented female artists in PEN.UP.
  • Among them, @Mariella has a reputation of great works of portraits, animals, and flowers.

    Sometimes her works are so realistic that they make us confused as if they are taken by a camera.

    It is really unbelievable that all these works are created by Galaxy Note, which is a just simple mobile phone.

    The first work she uploaded since her initiation in February, 2015, has received an incredible number of Likes: 237.

    It is not too much to say that her unusual appearance has infused another life into PEN.UP.

    Most of her works have received over 100 Likes, each one becoming a topic.

    Her attendance records in each challenge have been very high and she submits works highly relevant to each theme of the challenges.

    If you are a frequent participant in challenges, you have certainly noticed her work at the top places of the popularity rate.

    SilkPainter for April, Heroes for May, Endangered animals for June,
    Buildings for July, Semicolon project for August, Blue for September,
    Birth flowers for the PEN.UP calendar for November.

    We cannot leave out the PEN.UP anniversary in September.

    The reason why the simple titles of the challenges remind us of her works is that her works gave us such a great happiness.

    What would "painting" mean to her?
    And what kind of life is she leading?

    Let's congratulate and give a hearty applause to @Mariella, the long-awaited female member of HOF.

    And we would like to ask an interview of her. ^_^
    You can look forward to her interview coming soon.