2015-12-31. PM 11:13
  • The new year 2016 has just started.

    What are the resolutions you made for the new year?

    All of you certainly have different wishes and objectives.

    The Challenge for the first month of the new year is
    "Drawing the Sun and the Moon"
    with all the wishes of those artists who love drawing.

    The sun is worshiped as a symbol of life and the moon as a symbol of femininity.

    Like yin and yang or light and dark, the sun and the moon contrast sharply with each other.

    "The new year" reminds us, above all, of the sun rise,
    but with that the other side of the world certainly is becoming dark.

    So we hope you render the balanced coexistence of the different aspects of nature into your own style.

    A bright and clear landscape with the sun in the skies would be wonderful.
    It would be also possible that the sun is shining even if it is raining.
    You can create a silent and deserted dawn with the sun just rising.

    Or you can draw a scene where the large and beautiful full moon lights up the snow-covered forest.

    So you can try all kinds of representations.
    How about putting together the sun and the moon?

    If you could add a little bit of your imagination, that would be a wonderful result.
  • For digital drawing, numerous renderings of the sun and the moon have already been introduced by many Penple,

    so that's not such a difficult task.

    You don't need to be afraid and just give a try.

    Don't forget that you could be the winner of the best work for the first challenge in 2016.

    As always, we are so happy to think that we could spend another year together communicating with beautiful pictures.

    We wish you a happy new year and hope the sun and the moon will help you achieve what you want.

    [Instructions for the challenge]

    * Create a picture where the sun and the moon are put together.

    * Add "your new year resolutions and wishes" in the description or the title of the picture you have created.

    * The five winners of this challenge will be given the 2016 diary as a gift.