2015-12-28. AM 09:42

  • PEN.UP has been selected as one of the 10 best logo designs!

    Last October, a post on a famous material design blog introduced PEN.UP.


    Following a post about 15 app logo designs, the blog posted another article about "app logo design and style."

    For the time of fast changing, 10 app logo designs, which keep up with the current trend, were introduced.
  • The 10 app logos introduced not only comply with the general design principles of their brand, but also take the advanced styles from the latest trend in each one's own way.

    Especially most apps follow the characteristic style of Google Play.

    They say that those apps following the design rules of Google tend to be more popular.

    It is important that each design preserves the identity of its brand while keeping the strict standards.

    In those 10 beautiful app logo designs with hybrid styles, PEN.UP logo is proudly included.
  • Do you remember the new PEN.UP logo since the 1.9.0 update?
  • The paper plane, the symbol of PEN.Up, and the letters of “PEN.UP” are typical skeuomorphism.

    ( * Skeuomorphic design means the imitation of a shape of an object even if they are not functionally necessary)

    As well as taking the form of a real plane, the design realizes the original elements and texture as much as possible.

    The only difference from the previous version is in removing the text logo, emphasizing the basic elements of the design to make the final result look simple and flat for a new look.
  • PEN.UP where all kinds of designers, artists coexist, has been honored to be selected as one of the most stylish app logo designs.

    The new inside designs of the app since the update 2.0 are receiving positive feedback.

    All these are thanks to you and we have to renew our resolution of doing better.

    Thank you.

    Let's celebrate this occasion together.>_<

    ** source of images : http://materialdesignblog.com/10-material-design-logos-to-inspire-you/