2015-12-22. AM 02:50

  • PEN.UP Year End Exhibition is being held for two weeks from December 7 to December 19.

    Finally, the main event started on Saturday, December 12.

    Let alone the exhibition, I cannot stop but feeling fulfilled when I look back at the days of efforts. ^^

    I would like to share the touching moment when all the people got unified to admire together the digital drawing at PEN.UP.
  • This is “Samsung D’light”, located in Gangnam Station in Seoul.
    It is where PEN.UP Year End Exhibition is held.

    The exhibition of various Samsung devices, household electric appliances and the drawings of PEN.UP artists via Galaxy Note in D’light were somewhat harmonious and were indeed nice to see.

    D’light has been newly renovated this year.

    It is such a great pride for PEN.UP to have our exhibition here in this gigantic venue where hundreds of visitors come on a daily basis.
  • On Saturday, December 12, the PEN.UP team was busy from the morning in setting up the stage, table and chairs on the large screen on 1st floor to prepare for the program.

    There were also many visitors that came to D’light from the early morning.

    The ordinary visitors who did not know about the event showed their interest towards the programs and applied onsite.
  • As the first program, onsite caricature drawing session started.

    It is the picture of our artist who drew the caricature for the applicants onsite.

    People lined up one by one because he didn’t have only the skills but also the looks.

    It has been said that the PEN.UP team members were also attracted to him.
  • When you look at the large screen on the stage, you will see PEN.UP on the left side and the drawing app on the right side.

    Each of the caricature was drawn onsite, and the finished drawings were uploaded on PEN.UP.

    If you want to see more of the artist’s caricatures,
    just type in @Wilfredlee for the search keyword.
  • Is it only me who want to color the sketches after looking at all these caricatures?

    A lot of people connected to PEN.UP and downloaded the drawings.
    They were very satisfied with the caricatures.

    The main casts for the following program were two artists you may also like : @mongpic and @BacGyver’s drawing shows.
  • These two people are popular artists on PEN.UP who always give us support through their participation in PEN.UP days,

    drawing lecture videos and drawing tips, not to mention about their participation at the year end exhibition last year.

    Artist Mongpic is the one who pursues emotional oil painting style drawing, while BacGyver is oriented towards picturesque realism.

    Will there be another chance to see the two different artists’ drawings live?
  • In a moment of time, a beautiful oil painting landscape appeared on one side and a cute real cat like drawing appeared on the other.

    Soon, the stadium was filled with the sigh of admiration from the audience.

    Two screens showed perfect drawing shows that one could not stop from looking.
  • What’s more surprising was that the audience did not just enjoy the show but they actually took out their device to follow along the drawings or use the drawings tips from the artist to draw their own.

    An exhibition is just a joy itself because you get to see and eat.

    But, our exhibition was even more meaningful because the audience got to learn something.

    It was just so great to see that there were a lot of people who loved drawing.
  • After the drawing show of @mongpic and @BacGyver, the catering session prepared by the PEN.UP. team was followed.

    We hoped that people would enjoy the foods we prepared with care.

    It is so pretty to see all the foods with PEN.UP logo at once.
  • There were many audiences who fell in love with the drawings of our PEN.PLEs.

    Some even asked whether it was true that the drawings were drawn by Galaxy Note.

    People were surprised to see how the drawings were so detailed and sophisticated.

    Some even downloaded the PEN.UP. application onsite to see more drawings.

    After the enjoyable snack time, we have come across the next session.
  • The main casts for this session were artist 'Son Ik-su', who is also known as @Grandpa,

    and artist 'Jung Byung-gil', who is known as @GalaxyPainter, on PEN.UP.

    Artist @Grandpa was the main cast for PEN.UP day in May, the month of family.

    Although he is 70 years old, he uses the smart phone to grant various emotional landscapes.

    He first used fingers to draw on S-Note when he got the Galaxy S3 from his daughter.

    @Grandpa uses Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 to present more beautiful drawings.

    He didn’t really learn how to draw, but, he says he’s living the second phase of his life with Galaxy Note drawings.

    @Grandpa even appeared in some of the TV shows in Korea.

    Artist @GalaxyPainter is 60 years old.
    He used tablets to draw and he got to know about Galaxy Note’s PEN.UP.

    Now, he dreams of stretching out to overseas by interacting with friends around the world.

    He uses vivid colors while leveraging his imagination to come up with some extraordinary drawings.

    Since he is a well-known artist, many of his fans came to see him during the program.
  • (Left) Artist Jung Byung-gil (@GalaxyPainter) / (Right) Son Ik-su (@Grandpa)

    The title of this program is “Forget about the Age : Showtime”.

    They shared their stories on how they got to know about Galaxy Note PEN.UP and their new lives as artists with the audience.
  • The two hours of the drawing talk show flew so fast.

    I believe that the show gave a lot of things to think about for the audience with the artists sharing their personal stories and giving onsite drawing sessions.

    The two artists will surely show us more next year.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to show PEN.UP team’s gratitude towards the artists who partook in the event.

    This is only the first half of the main event story.

    Please look forward to the following story of lucky draw and social gathering.